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Seller delivered work but incomplete

Hi all

This is a ‘just in case’ question. I ordered a wp game website gig from a seller with delivery in 3 days. The seller delivered the gig but tells me it’s incomplete and he says to me that he cannot access my cpanel and received 500 error. Okay, I looked into it and sent a new link for access(provided by my host). It has been a day since delivery and I have heard nothing from the seller.

So, how long should I wait before I start to worry? Since the seller delivered the ordered the system will mark it as complete after 3 days whether the actual work is complete or not? Correct?

What would be my recourse either before or after the system’s deadline?

Looking at the website, it is not loading at all…

Any advice? Please

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If you want to give your seller a chance to do what you need, request modification. That way the system won’t mark the order as complete automatically and your seller won’t be able to get the funds unless he delivers again. Don’t accept the delivery until you’re happy with what you’ve received.
If the order does get completed, use the Resolution Center. You can find it at the top of the order page, to the right.

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Thanks…all good.

@babybrown You have 2 options.

  1. You can request a revision from your seller.
  2. If he doesn’t agree to do a revision you can contact customer support service.

Some buyers are requesting more than what they pay for. That’s not a better idea. If seller had already delivered the project that describes in his gig you can do nothing except giving a negative review, but CS will remove negative feedback that violating their TOS.

Yeah, but in this case the buyer didn’t get everything they paid for, hence my advice.

I guess you should give the seller a little more time since you just send a a new link to him. After a while though, send a message to the seller to confirm he is working on your project as planned.

Whatever goes wrong, you have CS to settle the issue. :slight_smile:

I’m not going to protect this seller. There are thousands of mischief sellers (as well as buyers.) I don’t have any idea about the gig that @babybrown ordered. If buyer is correct CS will do something for you!