Seller "delivering" only to ask for extention


Here’s my beef with Fiverr…I’ve been a good buyer always paying on time and giving good feedback…however…it seems that every now and then I will stumble on a seller that offers something but then does not deliver. Instead they mark the gig as “delivered” but in the comment ask for an extension and Fiverr does not allow me to rate such a “seller”.

Just recently I ordered 2 gigs, each worth $125 ($250 total) from ******, one to be completed in 5 days and the other one 2 days later. These are custom gigs so we agreed to the details before the order was placed…yet…on day 4.5 I get a “delivered” status with a comment that the order will be delivered within 24 hours. On day 6.5 I get a “delivered” for the second order …informing me that the order would be delivered within 24 hours.

No communication from the seller on delays…just the “delivered” status. It just feels like a scam as I just may miss the 72 deadline to challenge the delivery.

The seller has a 5 star rating…and it seems that he will continue to have that 5 star rating because I can’t rate the seller until he delivers the gig…which it seems that he won’t. WTF Fiverr?

Am I missing something?

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He is not allowed to do that and is breaking the rules so ask for a cancellation since he delivered nothing. If he does not immediately agree, for instance give him a couple of hours, contact customer support and report that he delivered nothing and get a refund.


Thanks…but how do I give him a negative review to warn others? If I ask for a cancellation…then I cannot give him a review.


If you cancel you don’t get to leave a review. You will have your money back and can move on.


I know…but I want to give my review…that’s my beef with fiverr. If I cancel due to the seller being at fault…I cannot leave an honest review to warn others. It just doesn’t make sense.


Ok then leave a review.

If it were me I would be glad to get my money back and move on but it’s up to you.


How do I do that?

…I need 20 characters…


Please contact customer support for assistance. As previously mentioned, this is not allowed and if you decide to report it they will probably take action against him.


Wow…My post was flagged and hidden…goodbye Fiverr. Wow.


Yeh it happens a lot. Sorry about that. You had the sellers ID in your post.


Calling out sellers or buyers isn’t permitted. Feel free to read the forum rules.
I can understand your frustration though. Wishing you the best of luck.


I guess that there is somewhere a clause in fine print stating that I can’t have a seller or buyer ID in the post…I can understand that.

Is there somewhere in fine print that I can give honest feedback to a seller who does not deliver but instead sends “delivered” status?

Don’t get me wrong…I still need the project to be delivered but I just don’t trust fiverr anymore.


As long as you don’t get a refund you can leave a review for the seller.


So…it would cost me $250 to give the seller a negative feedback…what a scam. wow. goodbye fiverr!


As previously mentioned please take a minute to submit a ticket to customer support at

Fiverr will look into your complaint and take action against the seller if needed. Thank you :pray:


If you get your money back how is it a scam? What he did is against the rules.


It is a scam. I will get a refund because I noticed the “delivered” status but I cannot warn others who may not notice the “delivered” status and the seller will continue to be a 5 star seller.

What is the point in the star system if it is bogus???


I suppose BBB is the way to go.


Ok. Just get your money back. Some scam, where you get a refund.

Fiverr will punish him if you notify them.


Holy crap! I just looked at BBB and Fiverr has an F rating!