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Seller Delivers Order With Nothing Attached

I’ve been using Fiverr for years and have found a number of very good sellers. However recently, I’ve had 2 sellers who have not delivered the gig by the time of the deadline and have then pressed ‘Deliver’ gig to stop the clock.

I have a case at the moment which I want to cancel but I don’t know how (due it looking as though the gig has been delivered).

Hi, there has been a bug going around the prevents the files from being delivered even when a seller delivers them.

I recommend contacting the seller and see what their response is. If they don’t reply within 24 hours then either request a revision or contact customer support.

I hope this helps


are you sure bout this?

Actually, I was also having same problem with a client, the result is the buyer gave me negative rating.

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so it’s true.
Maybe I got this bug yesterday and CS said that I was lacking in communicating with the client, I don’t know what CS means, I don’t understand. :roll_eyes:

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you have to tell CS that the files you sent to buyer doesn’t show in delivered section and you are willing to re send the files through inbox to the buyer to get this issue resolved, that worked for me.

P.S : CS; Customer Support

It’s too late, the bug killed my reviews and I don’t even know if it’s bug or my mistake. I just let it go and hope the bug will not be there anymore in the future :sleepy:

Next time, you make sure the buyer get the files before closing the order.

I sent the file many times. :roll_eyes:
the buyer closed the order, not me. :roll_eyes:

@avextor Then that’s an issue with the file itself.

The file is fine. :roll_eyes:

Misunderstanding occurs sometimes like this, they don’t want to hear about ‘bug’, ‘issues’ etc etc. Deliver the file in any other way

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I heard from a seller that your account is blocked but you are here and I saw your account is fine how you fix that?

Yes I faced the same problem, I delivered an order with files but the buyer didn’t receive that
my buyer said he didn’t receive one file so I delivered that again in dropbox link because Fiverr didn’t support to deliver.

I completed 1 order, but not notice anything like this