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Seller delivers unacceptable quality and refuses to cancel


What happens when seller delivers a story that had nothing to do with my requirements, in a completely different genre and refuses to cancel. I gave very detailed instructions on what I needed and none of it was followed. I wanted sci fi in space or another planet and got contemporary romance in present day England. Seller the offered to do better after much communication, that she could fix a 20,000 story in 1 day. Yeah right. Seller is also keeping all copyright to the story.

I started a order dispute on 12/30/2018 but have not heard from Fiverr. I tried customer support again today. Am I missing any steps. I just want to end this.

I’m really new to this. Definitely not what I expected.
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Thank you for responding.
Yes I contacted Fiverr Customer Support. I hope I did it correctly.

Seller wanted to keep copyrights even after I paid her. It was on the 1st page of the submitted story that she would keep all copyrights and I would not be able to post story anywhere without her permission. Which I assume that by accepting the story I would be agreeing to her terms (contrary to what the listing showed.) This is not why I declined though, this was just extra information.

I did receive an email from fiverr that I only have 24 hours left to review my order before it’s marked complete. Not sure what the means.

Yes, there are good Fiverr sellers. I had two other jobs that went great and accepted them already.

Happy New Year!


Then I would recommend to request a revision as all orders marked as complete in 3 days if no revision was requested.

Secondly, you can mention to support that the seller didn’t deliver what was promised in their gig (if it’s indeed like that). That they stated in the gig that you will have copyrights and in the delivery they stated otherwise.
Usually orders are not cancelled based on quality but if seller didn’t deliver according to their gig or in breach of TOS then fiver always refunds it. (And it looks like they delivered something different to submitted requirements which is also a valid reason)

Just give fiverr support some time to reply. It usually takes 48 hours to reply and I’m sure they might have reduced service due to Christian and New Years holidays.


Did you hear back from customer support, or just get a standard form email from fiverr? Did you tell them you want a refund due to your requirements not being fulfilled?


It was just a standard form email from fiverr. I have not heard from anyone else yet. I assume it’s because of the holidays. So I will wait and see what happens tomorrow when the deadline is reached. I did not mention the refund in the order dispute, but I mentioned it in the one from today.

You guys are all awesome for replying. Thank you everyone for taking the time to respond, especially on new years.

Happy New Years everyone.


According to Fiverr’s Terms of Service, the buyer gets the copyright unless otherwise stated in the gig description. So, if the seller didn’t mention it in the gig description but wants to keep the rights to the story, they’re violating Fiverr’s ToS.

Did you request the cancellation through the Resolution Center on the order page, or only via a message? If you didn’t use the Resolution Center, the order will get automatically marked as complete 3 days after delivery.

Also, out of curiosity, and if it’s not a secret: how much did you pay for the story?


I paid $30.00 which I know is really cheap. I did not expect perfection, for that amount I knew that I would have to do some work and add to it. I just needed something started. It was 20,000 words. She was a new seller with 0 feedback. So I was really taking a chance. I’m usually not very picky on the stories since I will modify them to meet my needs. However, there was nothing there I could use. It was the wrong genre, the wrong time frame (present day time).

Her listing says “commercial use, yes” I assume that would mean that I get the whole story? based on what other listings explained.

I have learned a lot through my experience at upwork and fiverr in hiring people and what to ask for. Worst case scenario, expensive lesson learned.

I guess there really are no shortcuts in life. I have to figure out where I can get some extra time in my busy schedule to write more and plot a story.


According to wordcounter it would take 66 hours and 40 minutes to write 20,000 words.

After Fiverr’s 20%, the seller would receive $24. That works out at around 36 cents per hour, before income tax etc.

You may need to rethink your budget to achieve the quality of writing etc. that you’re looking for. :wink:


Actually this was my last attempt. I was more curious what I would get for $30 since it was advertised as 20,000 words. I think this job answered that question.

I assumed the writer would have several plots already done for quickly writing stories. At least that’s what I would do if I was in that situation, so that writing could be done very fast. I assume that’s why most of them advertise a single genre only and they choose the actual story with little input form the buyer. They probably have pre-written stories which they may modify slightly to fit the need.


@ziridava Unfortunately, a buyer cannot cancel an order when the only reason for wanting to do so is the unacceptable quality of the product/service provided by the seller. This is clearly mentioned in the ToS, too. If the buyer approaches CS with a request to cancel such an order, I think the CS would be more likely to side with the seller.

Taken from Fiverr’s ToS:

  • Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.

You can always give a rating of your choice that accurately reflects the quality of work delivered by the seller.

However, a buyer can always ask for a :arrow_down:

I made the above points based on the title of your thread which reads: “Seller delivers unacceptable quality and refuses to cancel”.

However, in your case, I don’t think it is a matter of “quality” per se. If I understood it correctly, the seller delivered something entirely different from what you had requested. If you claim it is a quality issue, Fiverr will probably not cancel the order.

I really hope that you were tactful enough in your interactions with CS for them to have understood that the issue at hand is about much more than just poor quality work.


Customer service has responded. Since seller offered revisions I have to accept it. Let them know how it went. Apparently they have not read anything else I wrote in my comments. Extremely disappointed in the entire process. This was the most expensive book I have ever purchased. Lesson learned.

Logging off now. Have to get back to my life and the work and I need to complete. Thank you all for taking the time to respond. I should have checked the board first before I hired anyone, since this explains the entire process way better than anything else.

Have a great week everyone.


Unless the seller said you could choose the genre in the description then that point is moot and would not be grounds for a refund. Her saying she keeps the copyright if she did not say that in the description would be grounds for a refund.

Since her listing says “commercial use, yes” it sounds like she is transferring the copyright to you.


Fiverr’s Terms of Service explain the entire process (and a bunch of other things) really well, too.

I’m not sure I understand this. Did you mean that you managed to hire a ghostwriter for less than $30 per 20,000 words, and you were satisfied with the quality you received?

EDIT: Strange, it seems like the OP’s account is gone.


ToS may say that, however, this has not been my experience. :roll_eyes:

I am an English native speaker with an English degree. I proofread a short article and made all of the appropriate corrections. The buyer accused me of being from a non-English speaking country and said he did not like the quality of my proofreading. :angry:

However, I see CS did side with the seller! I am glad to see that. Maybe my issue was I only offer one revision? :thinking:


If you come to think of it, not that much… :smirk: :wink:

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU !!! :blush::heart:


How do people expect to get anything that is decent/not stolen/good-written with this kind of money is beyond my comprehension. :grin::+1:

It’s like buying a car with 100$ and acting surprised it fails the next day. Funny :joy:

I consider this type of attitude deserves a meme.



It’s clear now… :slight_smile: just as I thought


Maybe you have not gone into the dispute section and hit to cancel your order. Otherwise fiverr should give you 24 hours notice.