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Seller Demands a Tip >:-(?

I ordered 2 gigs for $10 for a seller with a really high rating and great reviews.

Sent seller what I need in detail.

Seller responds, “This is worth more than $10. I expect a tip when done.”


If the gig wasn’t worth $10, then why is it listed for $20 or whatever the value is?
Tips are earned for good work - not because they’re demanded.
I canceled the order.

I hear a footballer called Wayne Rooney once met a seller like this in Liverpool. The lesson learned then was that asking for tips never bodes well for anybody.

If you still have this order open, I would just ignore this, wait for your work and leave a review outlining your experience afterward.

It is true that sellers can take orders and realize that the amount of work is much more than covered by the price of the original order. However, in this case, a discussion with the buyer and the ordering of an extra to cover the shortfall will usually be arranged.

Asking for a tip is simply rude and especially in this manner, highly unprofessional.

That said, is it possible that your seller missed something like a smiley face off the end of their message and that it might have been a joke? - Just asking.

“This job worth more than $10,anyway am on it already and will be expecting a tip when am done with it.”

Many times when a buyer orders from me, and I find their word count isn’t sufficient to the money they pay, I’ll kindly explain to them that in order for me to continue with their order, they will need to order XX amount of gigs to fulfill the word count. If they don’t want to pay the extra, I gladly tell them we can cancel the order.

I have NEVER asked for a tip from my buyers to fulfill the word count. Just rude.

Since you cancelled the order, I’d say find another seller who can assist you.

Update - I apparently lack a sense of humor.

“…was joking and wish to be a long time business partner with you”

What a horrible seller.


I didn’t leave a tip

I would have cancelled the order when the seller said that.

Yeah sure, the only joke is this person calling themselves a professional! Muppet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah and I would have said me ordering the gig in the first place was a joke as well and asked them are you laughing yet because I am? :stuck_out_tongue:

Very unprofessional, in fact I would take a screen shot of that and send it to customer support and report them!

Probably an unprofessional seller with a huge customer list & thought Oh’ customer service… will meet you next Christmas… :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I think Fiverr should remove the tip option. People are abusing it a lot. I get tips almost all the time, but I tell my clients to refrain from tipping as I charge them with handsomely.
But, then there are other people who are under-selling their products with top-notch quality. Buyers see the quality and tip them a few bucks.
We need to understand that we are not working at a coffee shop or restaurant. If the buyer is really impressed and wants to award you, they give you a tip. But requesting a tip is not so professional.

I actually have a buyer who suggested today that my work was worth more than what he was paying… So instead of buying like he normally does, he’s paying more money for less work on one of my gigs. To me, that’s better than a tip!