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Seller did not do what I asked, do I pay?

Hello…first time Ive used Fiverr… I sent out a request to several sellers. CLEARLY explained what I wanted.
First to respond said he could do the job. I sent him my 2 photos and explained again what I wanted.
He literally just cut the backdrop from one photo and plonked it on to the other (I could’ve done that myself!)
SO of the 4 things I asked for, he did only 1 and even that was bad as the (obvious) scale was completely wrong when joining the two images.

It was all done just via messages, not job accept button etc.
I feel bad not paying him, esp as it’s only AUS$7, but it was just soo bad I don’t even want to revise or get him to fix it bc I just know he doesn’t intinctually know what to do as a graphics/photoshop person would know.

Is it ok to not pay?

Thanks in advance…


OK, calm down… I’m not ‘stealing’ the buyers work or looking for free work- .

As I said, this is the first time I’ve used Fiverr and I literally didn’t even know how the system works…he replied to my request and asked me to send my images, so I did.
What he sent back was NOT what I asked for in any shape or form - BUYERS also get ripped off too. You ask for one thing, they send you rubbish that took 2 minutes and then want to be paid. works both ways.

After now reading experiences people have had here , especially sellers who are getting ripped off, I can see why freelancers would be annoyed.
But that is not what I am doing. I literally was asking how this all works and if the sellers often send stuff and then you decide if the work suits-as how it works with another logo making website (can’t recall the name).

For the record, if he sends me a payment request, of course Im going to pay. But what a horrible experience, it certainly doesn’t help all the actually talented and reputable freelancers out there of which I would HAPPILY PAY FOR and give on going work to !

I can see by your aggressive response that Fiverr is definitely not for me if the ‘community’ is so unhelpful and full of assumptions like you.


Perhaps, He was giving you an idea before starting, a lot of sellers do this, and once you’re satisfied with the draft etc you can proceed and pay, He’ll do detailed job once the payment has been settled, Obviously he can’t do whole job without settling payment.
It’s better to discuss with him.@mellempire


Trying to get “several sellers” to do your work, without an order, IS stealing. Sellers offer their services here, for a price. This is a freelance services marketplace. You are required to pay the price they have listed for those services, not get them to do your work outside of an order, and then have them deliver “via messages”.

Did you not read the Terms of Service when you signed up, and when you were asked to check the box that stated that you had, indeed, read the TOS?

You did not get “ripped off”. There were no orders. You asked for free work, and were given free work. You get what you (don’t) pay for.

I, and other sellers, do not appreciate buyers who seek to take advantage of other sellers.

You could have been honest, and asked him to send you a custom order.


IM NOT GOING TO USE THE WORK ! ! Don’t put words in my sentences that don’t exist please. And I don’t think it’s ok to use work and not pay for it. If it was useable and I wanted to use it of course I’d pay for it. You’re totally missing the point.
Geez, wish I’d never asked on here.

Clearly freelancers are getting ripped off so everyones angry…but I feel like the seller is trying to get paid for work that is not done properly - he clearly and obviously didn’t follow my request/ instructions .
That’s like going to a restaurant and ordering soup and they bring you spaghetti and then expect you to pay the bill.

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Actually, you seem to be “missing the point”. Buyers pay for the work they need, BEFORE the seller even starts working on it. This is clearly noted in the TOS.


Since you didn’t order anything, I don’t think you need to pay for it. It is seller’s responsibilty if he’s done work without order

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The seller did the work for you without an order being in place… And you not only let him do that, but you decided to not actually order something after he worked for you.

Why would you have a seller do something for you without first ordering it? That IS stealing regardless if you use the finish product.

And you were asking for four specifications for $5. What do you expect?


Obviously I didn’t read the instructions properly. My mistake. Next time I will be more thorough.

I only sent to several people bc I wasn’t sure if people even respond. I didn’t accept any one else after the first guy responded, so NO I wasn’t trying to get them all to do my work. And I had EVERY intention of paying and was excited to outsource all my work to this person, AND I would’ve tipped and left reviews etc… I WAS NOT TRYING TO STEAL THEIR WORK.

At NO POINT did I ask for free work.
And at no point was I trying to take advantage of a seller.
As I admitted, I didn’t understand the process and wasn’t aware I had to ask him to send me a custom order, otherwise I would have. He was the experienced one and could’ve sent t to me, but because he didn’t I thought this was the way it was done.

You & others have obviously had many bad experiences through this site as a seller, and I’m sorry for that, but I was 100% not trying to steal or take advantage. I was simply trying to asses if others had had bad experiences with people not delivering what they had asked for and what the procedure was.

You asked multiple buyers to do work without placing an order for that work. You said:

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Thank you for replying and not having a go at me .
I didn’t understand the process and I didn’t know you had to put through a work order first…The seller asked me to send through the images so I assumed that was the process.

I will pay him, but I’m so disappointed with this whole experience. : /

I think you are getting angry at the wrong person, the seller is at fault in here, he should have known better to not do any work without order. Buyers might not be aware of rules as much as sellers do.
The replies in this forum is always very angry and agressive, that really bothers me

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What freelance arrangement involves the freelancer doing the work without knowing guaranteed future payment is in place?

None. Anywhere.

So don’t play innocent about not knowing Fiverr’s process because no freelance arrangement anywhere works the way you’ve done it because it’s exploitative and disrespectful.

Also you’re required to understand the ToS before you use the service.


I’ve been a seller here for over six years. I’ve seen it all. I make a living here, and I know many other sellers that do as well. Many people choose not to read the TOS, and try to do the same exact thing you did. That is something we all object to, no matter who does it.

It is your responsibility to read the TOS, and know how things work on this site. Failing to do so – as you did – is why you are in this situation. Please go read the TOS, as you should have done when you signed up for your account.


The seller shouldn’t have done it, absolutely.

But that doesn’t make it okay to exploit sellers. And that’s the problem.


Buyers are required to read the same TOS when they sign of for their accounts too. This entire situation could have been avoided, if @mellempire had read the terms when he joined Fiverr. That’s my point. It is everyone’s responsibility to read, know, and understand a site’s legal rules, before doing business on the site. No one can come to Fiverr, and complain that others are upset when they do things that the Terms of Service clearly state are wrong, and against the rules.


I only sent out a query to several people to see who was available, & capable to do the work.
And for the record, in my original query I asked if it would be a Basic Package or Standard Package for the work I was asking. He, the seller did not send me the appropriate work order request.

Pointless corresponding with you. You’re so caught in your own argument that you’re not even reading my replies and considering what the scenario was. Can you just accept that I misunderstood the process and the work I received was not acceptable.
I’ve said several times I will pay if it is required. Please stop trying to make me out to be a thief.

Actually, it would seem that you keep adding more details to your story, in an effort to deflect blame for not reading the TOS. Neither @humanissocial, nor I, are wrong in what we are telling you. Please go read the TOS, and please stop offering excuses for not having done so.

Read the TOS, learn from these mistakes, and don’t repeat them in the future.


Yes it is a problem if buyers are exploiting sellers for their work. I agree.

As I have explained, I misunderstood the process and the seller did not engage with me in the TOS manner either and his profile showed he has done many jobs on this site.

This has been an eye opener for sure.
I will ask the seller for a Custom Offer and I will pay him.

Don’t assume everyone is a crook and a thief, I’m genuinely sorry for the fact that sellers are being ripped off, but I was not trying to do that.

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I get where the OP is coming from and from my read he contacted several sellers to see who seemed a decent fit for the work. The first person to respond claimed they could do what was requested and for some strange reason started doing the work before a contract was made. Work came back and was not as hoped and considered unusable - not fit for purpose - and now the OP is asking does he have to pay.

Technically I think not seeing they both seemed happy to engage in work with no contract.

Yes this is outside of the terms & expectations of a paid marketplace. So that makes it fair for people to point that out and even to show some frustration to discourage such things occurring again as it hurts everyone - as the OP seems to be coming to realize.

Personally I think that your expectations were too high for too low a budget. Sure, the seller should say so but that is a guaranteed way to lose every job (as I well know when trying to ensure that this very outcome is avoided). It is on both buyer & seller when they choose to operate outside the bounds of common sense; i.e if the guy up the road would ask $500 for this job, offering/expecting the same results for $5 is not rational.

My 2 cents: have a more fitting budget and research the potential seller first as great work feels very different from average, or even faux, work. Free samples are a tactic usually only used by the poor operator (on both sides). A contract is about trust. You have to give to get.