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Seller did not send logo

I purchased a logo from a seller. When it was due to arrive she sent a message that said it would be delivered within 24 hours. Not. Fiverr sees that message as the logo being delivered so it’s not allowing me to request a refund. I messaged her back a little while ago asking if she was going to deliver as it’s well over due. Waiting to here back. How do I report the incident to fiverr when they think the product has been delivered?

Hi @creativecards,

You’re right to be thinking of reporting this to Customer Support. I would document what happened with screenshots, and upload this in the complaint that you file.

In the meantime, I think you should rate this Seller and leave a comment. Not only will this catch the Seller’s attention and help get you a refund, but it will also be doing a service to the community to help other Buyers in your position not be fooled by this type of Seller. Depending how much you spent, may even end up choosing to leave your review where it is even if the refund is offered by the Seller.

Always keep in mind - as a Buyer here, Fiverr always has your back.

Wishing you a speedy resolution to this stressful issue!

Thanks so much for the advice. I am going to follow it!

Reply to @creativecards: Fantastic! Hope this helps fix things for you.