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Seller didn´t provide all scripts; Extended delivery time to maximum

Hi there,

I need some opinions.

My buyer ordered on the 25th January this year.
He didn´t provide all scripts (but said that they will be sent within a week). A week passed and he asked me after the timer of the order almost ran out to elongate the delivery time until the 17th march since he still had some trouble with another seller responsible for the videos (I provide VOs).

I extended the delivery time for 28 days (maximum). After another 20 days, I asked almost daily if he heard something from the animator and if it´s possible to send me the scripts. Since some scripts were provied, I delivered them. Only then, after 6 days of not answering or ignoring my questions, he responded asking for a revision (which is not included in the offer). I delivered revised versions since I wanted to be cooperative. He was now okay with these scripts; and asked for another extension of delivery time.

By now, I was pretty much done with this buyer. I pointed out that he agreed when ordering, that all information sent needs to be complete and accurate and gave him 12 hours to respond to some questions I had asked.

He failed to answer within that timeframe, so I let the order run out of time.

Today, he contacted me via inbox, asking why I didn´t extend the time and that the first video will be delivered today, expecting me to record the scripts.

Am I in the wrong for letting the timer run out? How should I respond to the buyer?

Thank you for reading my soliloquy.



If he ordered on 25/01/2019 and started the order then and wanted the delivery time extended to 17/03/2019 I’d have checked with CS first before extending it to the max in case there would be any problem with that (since I think one person had problems when they extended orders past 30 days) first. So I’d be careful of the 30 day limit. You could tell the buyer about that limit, and also that he shouldn’t have clicked that everything is complete and started the order if it wasn’t.

Also if the order was for x amount of scripts but less than that were delivered there could be problems due to partial deliveries. You could deliver in a message to make sure the order is complete ie. all scripts asked for originally are delivered (assuming that’s all okay rule-wise).


Hi Janine,

Sorry to hear of your experience with the buyer. To answer your question “am I in the wrong for letting the timer run out?”, my answer would be, maybe?

That’s probably not the answer you’re looking for but let me explain…

I’ve run into many first time buyers. How do I know? When I get a message I typically (when at my desktop) click on the username. This provides me with a pretty good indication whether or not they are new to the platform, or I’ll ask.

If it is a newer buyer… I will explain briefly somewhere within the correspondence on how the platform works. I will be sure to point out to them that once the order is placed, given the time-frame in which they choose, I am expected to deliver by that time. I also encourage the user (at times) to download the app so that we can correspond in a timely fashion.

I will also ask questions pertaining to the project. Do they have post-production capabilities, how soon can they receive a sign-off on the audio provided, is there anything that I need to be aware of (because my deadline, once set, is when the audio needs to be delivered), etc.

You’ve done the right thing communicating each day. The only thing I would change is the attention to the agreed deadline and that your timer is still moving.

I think if you put a tad bit more attention upfront, it could potentially spare you headaches down the road.

Keep your head up, we’ve all run into this type of situation before, or will…



Thank you for your answer!
This guy isn’t new to the platform, he himself is a seller on fiverr, so I thought it wasn’t necessary to explain everything.
I explained that 28 days was the best I could do and he understood that and agreed to the now extended time.
The thing is: I would deliver the missing scripts if he would send them over, but he refuses to do so because the videos still aren’t there.

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Hi J,

Thank you for your answer!
This buyer is actually a seller on fiverr, so I didn’t think it was necessary to explain everything.

I sent him a final message with an ultimate time frame to answer, but he failed to do so, therefore I didn’t extend the time.

But you’re definitely right: I should pay kore attention to buyers!

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If he hadn’t supplied all the scripts that were in the original order requirements and if extending any further wasn’t an option, another option could have been to request cancellation of the order. That would have been less risky than delivering only some of the recorded scripts that were in the requirements (a partial deliv can get a warning). The buyer could then have re-ordered later when the scripts for the voice over were ready. Though the problem with that is that the buyer may not agree to cancel (though maybe then you could contact CS about the order).