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Seller Didn't Complete My Order & No Modification Request Available

Hello Everyone,

I need your advice. I purchased an additional $20 gig for a $25 total gig. The seller only delivered the $5 part of the gig. He was extremely responsive to my questions before and somewhat responsive after the gig. I didn’t have a chance to check his delivered work until two days later and found he didn’t deliver the additional $20 worth. He answer one question, but avoided another. I’m a pretty patient person and allowed him some time to respond and before I realized it, my order was automatically marked completed. I can’t request a modification and I never heard from the seller again.

What bothers me the most about this is that he’s highly ranked and most of his gigs are featured. He answered all of my questions prior to ordering and some questions after the order. But completely stopped communications when I pressed on nicely about delivering the remaining $20’s worth. I’ve always been pretty satisfied with the deliveries until now. I haven’t left feedback for him yet.

I’m not interested in filing a PayPal dispute as I’ve read my account could be suspended by Fiverr. I would rather get the additional $20 of work done.

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.


Reply to @kjblynx: (Disclaimer: Do not take this as advice to be abusive or threatening to another user; I never encourage such behavior. My above recommendation does not apply to situations where a buyer expects/demands more than he/she paid for.

can we refuse work and keep the money if they demand us to do more work

Hello kjblynx,

Thank you for the advice. I read this forum periodically and I’ve come to understand what a nightmare buyers can be. I’m only a buyer myself, but I believe in life that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar :slight_smile:

Ninety-nine percent of the gigs I order rival the big name sites without the huge price tag. So for that I really appreciate this site.

I’ll follow your advice and contact customer service. Like I said, this was my first incomplete order and I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize my account since I purchase a lot of services on this site.

As a side note for all sellers: thanks for offering your excellent services at such affordable prices :slight_smile: You guys make it easier for people like me to get services done without having to pay an arm and a leg for everything.


Not sure if you’re referring to my situation or not, however I’m NOT demanding more than what’s in the gig description. In my case, the seller only delivered the $5 gig, but not the additional $20 I purchased. Therefore my $25 gig was incomplete. He stopped responding when I asked him about.

As a level 2 seller, my advice is first you try to communicate with the seller. Don’t put any feedback on the order. Let little bit of time for seller to respond (Sometimes I also take little bit of more time to respond). If seller is not responding you can contact the Fiverr customer support. If still they are unable to give you the right solution you expect, the only choice what you have is file a paypal dispute. Even though you give some time for seller to respond, every thing should be finished within 14 days. Otherwise the seller will take your money and go. Even though I am working on Fiverr over 2 years, I still can’t understand the way of selecting featured gigs. If you put some rare gig, they will make it featured. But they won’t consider the quality of delivery as I feel. Therefore always be careful when you are purchasing a gig. Always select the sellers at least having total of 100 positive reviews with maximum of 1 to 2 negative reviews. Don’t go behind the “featured” or “recommended” gigs. Hope you will get a fair refund. Good luck.

Reply to @kjblynx: I thought I did read that somewhere in this forum. This is the biggest reason I needed advice from you guys on how to handle this situation. Thanks.

Hello christina123,

Thanks for your input. I contacted him prior to ordering and he was extremely responsive and friendly. He has several gigs and they all have the “Top Rated Seller” banner. I mistakenly said “featured” in my original post. Most of his gigs have feedback in the thousands. The one I choose in particular has over 2000 positive feedbacks and four negatives. For these reasons, I purchased his gigs. It’s a 3 day average gig and he delivered on the same day which I though was great. I was a little confused with the work he delivered however he clarified it to my satisfaction, but he stopped responding after I asked about the additional $20. I’ve messaged him three times within the five days after he marked the gig complete, but I still haven’t heard from him yet.

I haven’t left any feedback yet since I’m still hoping to hear from him. I’m pretty understanding to everyone’s situation, but I can’t figure out why he stopped communicating with me.

Because you CAN change feedback within 5 days of leaving one, I suggest that you leave an honest (negative) feedback on this seller’s gig. This will get his attention very quickly. And if he wants to get rid of that negative rating, he will deliver what is due within the 5-day time-frame in which a buyer (you) CAN change the feedback to positive if the seller delivers the remaining order.

This is what I would do! Good luck.

Reply to @xpertmarketer: Thanks for your suggestion. I didn’t realize feedback could be changed.