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Seller didn't deliver and has now deleted their account

I sent in a rquest to a seller called fragglesrock for 1500 facebook likes on a page. they didn’t deliver, marked the job as completed and then told me they were on holidays and were having trouble with the page. I then tried to contact them but they no longer seem to have a page and the resolution centre says they’re privacy settings don’t allow contact. I can’t find any contact details to contact Fiverr directly. The seller was marked as recommended. is this scam or what like?

what should I do?

Sheriff’s note: it’s not allowed to call out other members names

This happened to me too! I don’t know who to contact, I told him I would need a full refund if he didn’t come through. I thought I would have success with him because he has so many positive reviews.

@caso83 I believe you were scammed. I have seen tons of complains in the forums about this certain screen name. Type it into the search box at the top right corner and you can read about others experience. I would have thought Fiverr would have done something about this user by now, especially with so many complaints