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Seller didn't deliver and not responding


I’ve sent through a customer support for this, but I’m worried. The gig was over $100 and the first time I have ever spent as much as that. I wrote to the seller beforehand and they were really helpful and answered really quickly. I felt nervous because the seller was in *************** and I’m aware of the reputation for email scams, but their responses, and the fact it was on Fiverr reassured me.

The gig is late and I spent a polite request to ask when it would be delivered and there was no response despite checking regularly and having seen that the seller has been online many times since I sent it. So I have now gone to the resolution centre.

I thought that requesting to cancel would automatically happen if the gig was late, but was shocked to see that it means that a request is sent to seller to cancel.

Weirdly I have also noticed that the seller has loads of 5 star ratings for the gig (like 140) but no level. Isn’t that strange? Something feels wrong here but I don’t know enough to understand what.

I’m feeling really worried I’m being scammed in some way. Could anybody give me any reassurance over the cancellation process, or over anything else?


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I feel very sorry that you are in this situation. Do not worry. If you contacted CS, they will take care about your order. just make sure to keep an eye on your email. Normally they would reply within 1 day.

Another thing about this:

Fiverr has a level system on this platform. Each and every seller has to maintain their standard and the level requirement. So for example, if a seller isn’t able to keep up with the standard, Fiverr will automatically downgrade their account to the one below of their current level.
But it doesn’t mean that the seller is a fraud or fake. That is the different case.

You just keep an eye on CS reply and they will handle and help you out. I am sure your issue will be resolved asap.
Keep us updated.
Have a great day.


It does, if the gig is more than 48 hours late, and if it wasn’t in the ‘delivered’ status.

Once you send a cancellation request, the seller has 48 hours to respond to it. If they do nothing, the order will be cancelled.


Hi iamsachmusic,

Thank you for taking the time to message me about this. I appreciate . He has literally just got back to me and said it will be with me in 6 hours.

Hopefully it’s just someone who is a bit overwhelmed and busy and isn’t maintaining their standards because of that.

I’ll let you know how it all works out…