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Seller didn't deliver, couldn't get a reply?


Hi There, I requested a logo design for my new business venture, i wrote 3 emails explaining what i would like done, the seller completely disregarded all the information i’d sent, and did something completely different to what i’d asked for, he also submitted it as the final finished product, all he did was change the font, i didn’t ask for that to be changed … Following that i got no reply for revisions to be done, so i left negative feedback, i got a reply immediately asking me to remove the feedback… The seller lives in a poor part of the world and probably does this as his job, i realise now i probably shouldn’t have left a negative feedback, even though i didn’t get what i#d asked for… How do i remove it?


Also tell your seller to contact customer Support…

Then cs will contact you for your statement to ramove it…

And I am thanking you, for your kindness to remove it, regard to all the sellers… =D> =D> =D>


This is the big problem on Fiverr.

Sure. Nobody likes getting or leaving a bad review. But the fact is that if nobody leaves a bad review, when the work is… bad. Or the communication is bad… Or whatever is bad… Then the next buyer falls right into the same trap.

What is the point of having a review system if it’s not used?

As the next buyer, buying this gig, that get’s the same problem you did… In a way, if you remove your review it’s half your fault. Be honest about your reviews. It’s the only way to help sellers. If they keep getting negative reviews, and no gigs then they will be forced to clean up their act and get the results they want.

Not posting a negative review if you didn’t like the service you got does NOT do anyone any favors. You. The next buyer. Or the seller.