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Seller didn't deliver full gig, and disappeared. What do I do?



I closed with a seller to edit 200 songs and send them to me. He did 150 and is now missing and not replying for two days. The gig was due by Friday morning EU time.

Before exposing his name here, anything I can do?



The order is complete. I just realized he sent false files in the previous batch. He just totally ripped me off, what a shame for this website to have scammers like this. They better give me full refund.


You could ask to modify the delivery if you are not satisfied ! or contact Support fiverr


As heamzadesign said, you can request modification, or contact Customer Support. Or, you can cancel the order and get a refund as Fiverr credit for further purchases.

Whatever you choose, please keep in mind that calling out other users in the Forum is forbidden, so you shouldn’t expose his name.


I already paid in advance, can I still modify delivery?


Reply to @jakelarkinson: Yes if you haven’t “completed” the order you can still ask for modification


Just to update - the seller disappeared, and customer support cancelled the gig and gave me back to credit to my balance account.


You have to test few sellers before trust and give all the work to just one seller.


Reply to @jakelarkinson: Glad to see it’s been resolved! But don’t let one bad seller ruin your experience here on this site though, there are hundreds of honest and brilliant sellers who will provide you with better service!


Reply to @jakelarkinson: Thanks for the update. I’m glad it got sorted, but sorry you lost all that time. In the future make it a point to look for feedback that provides details about the seller and work provided. Most times even happy buyers just leave quick/generic feedback, but generally, if they are really impressed with the quality, they will go into details. Good luck!