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Seller didn't submit his text to translate but the countdown started


Hi, I got an order from a person for a text translation, and he says: see attachments. The problem is he didn’t attach any files. And I send him a message within the gig and added a screenshot. Now 5 days have passed with no answer. I am also very late on delivery. I just sent him a new message threw the gig. And on his page I see that his last activities were just 35 min ago. So I guess he didn’t receive the information. It would be nice if such a problem on the buyers side wouldn’t affect my deliver time. (because the later you deliver, the later your deliver time on the gig appears). Also might this affect my level? Is there anything I can do other than canceling the order to reset the time?

Thanks allot!


Reply to @bachas85: Thanks allot for the fast respond!

So If he gives me a respond:

Should I ask the buyer if he could re-order because of the time issue or should I just do his gig but with very late delivery (the problem is he ordered 3 at a time).

If he doesn’t respond at all, should I ask for mutual cancelation and give as reason: you didn’t provide the text please re-order?


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