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Seller disappeared?

I have some gigs with a seller that is no longer on Fiverr. I believe that they had become overwhelmed with the responses and just gave it up. I was a little more that half way thru with them illustrating a childrens book I have written. It would be next to impossible to find another atrist with the same insight to my work not to mention artistic technique. Is there any way to gain an address, email, phone number, or contact information to this person. I DO have existing agreements with copywritten material, so it is not like I’m somebody trying to scam them.

If they are no longer on Fiverr, then it would seem that the Fiverr rule of outside contact would be waved.


Fiverr would not be able to give you any personal contact information of the seller even if they are no longer available.

Are you sure the seller hasn’t just paused their gigs to catch up? or is their account no longer available ?


I don’t know the status of the seller, whether or not he quit, is resting , or what.

I have 2 gigs still pending one is very late and the other is pending. I was communicating with the artist and let him know I wasn’t concerned with the deadlines. I could see that he was accumulating many gigs as the completed by dates kept expanding from 3 days to 7 days to 12 days…

Fiverr seems to be a magical entity like the internet with NOBODY in charge. I can appreciate their fear of being circumvented through personal contacts to protect their revenue stream but something like this should have a contingency. What would stop a person from creating an amazing, yet unreasonable GIG, just to stockpile the money and then just quitting and run for the hills? There is no recourse or contact information to clarify or resolve an issue? I have sent a message but have NO way of knowing if he got it. Very frustrating. Any Suggestions???

There is a safety period when you pay the seller between 14 and 17 days after delivery before the sellers funds are cleared. If you want to head over to customer support at and give them a heads up they *may be able to tell you if the seller is still active on Fiverr.

Sorry I can’t be of any further help here.

that is far more help than I could muster for myself. Thanks.

No problem, Hope you get things sorted :slight_smile:

Perhaps something in their personal life has overwhelmed them. How unfortunate.

Yeah things do happen.

So what can we do when a seller has dissapeared from Fiver and we have pending business?

My guys just disappeared too… I thought it was a think to go do his work or something but I got me uneasy. Is this common?

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