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Seller Disappeared

Ordered Whiteboard package with seller. After agreeing to price I accepted his offer, got one email with a promise to stay in touch - then the seller disappeared.

Got a “For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly” message when I clicked on our emails in my inbox.

My money was refunded - not to my credit card but to my fiverr account. As part of the refund process the only information I got was “There was a problem with the Seller” .

Anyone have any idea what happened here? I am new to fiverr and afraid and not sure I want to use this site again. I cancelled my credit card which was probably a an overreaction.

Any advice anyone can offer would be appropriated. If nothing else this has been a colossal waste of time, getting the material together the seller wanted and negotiating the price.

Sellers do vanish from time to time. Often they go “on holiday” and are still MIO a year later.

It’s best you carefully choose the sellers you work with – because just like in the real world, there are problematic sellers here as well. The seller probably violated some terms of service or Fiverr has issues with him thus the cancellation of the order and the funds being refunded to your Fiverr account. Do not worry, this has nothing to do with your credit card.

What you can do from this point, is charge that to experience, and if you still need that job done, carefully pick another seller. There are a lot of great sellers here. :slight_smile:

Tire of buying a gig and the example is the best they have to offer…cause mine looks like s&%$ Or the bait and switch…the gig says one price and they want another price…Fiverr is turning into fifty

I beg to differ. Fiverr is becoming a far more valuable platform for both sellers to earn a living through their services, and buyers who wish to find skilled freelancers to complete their projects. The more diverse the prices and services on Fiverr become, the more beneficial the site is for those who wish to use it.

You have nothing to fear on fiverr. Your money is safe. It is still on fiverr however since it was refunded to you. You can now use the money on fiverr to buy another gig. Yes cancelling your credit card was an over reaction but it’s understandable since you didn’t know what was going on. The site is safe and not a scam site. Sometimes sellers leave suddenly or get banned for some infraction of the rules which may have happened in your case. Fiverr refunded your money to your fiverr account.