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Seller Dishonest Conduct - Flipping Cancellation


A seller made an offer for a 1-day project. I provided all necessary files, descriptions and simple directions immediately. The product supplied in the 1-day was not suitable, and the seller had not followed directions. Indeed, seller also provied two other samples that were completely different to the requested work. After 3-days of revisions that still did not follow the basic request, I cancelled the order. However, the seller wouldn’t accept the cancellation.

The seller asked for one more chance. I granted it. Again, they did not provide anywhere near the correct product, ignoring basic directions like font colour. I cancelled again. Now the seller declined my cancellation, then opened her own cancellation request stating I was non-responsive, but messaged and said “please process your refund.” She tried to slip past my attention that she had switched the cancellation to falsely reflect negatively upon me had I accepted it. I caught her out, refused, and told her I saw what she tried to do.

I denied her request and immediately notified Customer Service, requesting cancellation. AGAIN she flipped the cancellation, and again I caught her on it. Finally Customer Service cancelled the order and refunded me. I have screen shots of everything.

This behaviour is dishonest and the quality of work was poor. This seller would not follow simple and original direction, and would not take repsonsibility for own mistakes, and indeed tried to flip it around so it would reflect negatively on me instead. If only I could rate them and warn the public accordingly of their behaviour. I don’t seem to be able to :frowning:

How many other buyers and sellers has this happened to? The flipping of a cancellation? Surely we should be able to warn others.


First. Why would you want to rate the seller if you already received a refund. Second. A seller flips the cancellation because it will cost them more than it will cost you. If you cancel it will reflect on their account and they won’t be able to get customers. If she initiates the cancellation it will be considered mutual and no account will be at fault.


I thought all cancellations were mutual (assuming the other party agreed to accept it) regardless of who initiated it.

Sounds like you went through a whole lot of BS anyhow, OP. You cannot leave feedback on a cancelled review as per Fiverr TOS. I’m sure CS has made a note of how the gig went and the behavior of the seller. At this point, there’s not much else you can do. You have your money back!


But some types of cancellations probably hurt less than other types.

A mutual cancellation citing “buyer purchased by mistake” will probably hurt less than “seller is unable to finish the task”.

There’s a hidden feedback system which is presented to the buyer even when they cancel. It asks them the reason for cancellation. So they can leave an internal review directed towards CS. @gina_riley2 talked about it in another thread.


The seller actually worked on the project, maybe it was not suitable for your demands. But he worked on your project, you got the money back, no need to do harm now. Maybe it’s his only source of income. It’s easy to destroy, much harder to build. Next time just let it go, or hire a professional for the right amount of money. Way too many people expect like full 3d maya animations for 5 bucks. You probably got what you payed for.


This week has been crazy for both buyers and sellers. I saw a disproportionate number of complaints about bad user experience this week than any other week. Seems like a lot of people became new parents this week :smiling_imp:


Thank you for your time in responding. Appreciate it.

The things repeatedly ignored in the request were simple, like “please make the font red, not black.” The gig also was not a $5 gig, so not making assumptions would be preferred.

There is a difference between not coming to an agreement on something being suitable and cancelling, and simple requests being ignored. Getting a refund on that issue is simple and understood that we couldn’t agree on a product, so end of transaction, nothing lost except time.

The issue here is the dishonesty. Without the dishonesty there would be no further concern except a bad experience that I would use to not work with them again.

Have had numerous good and bad interactions on here, and understand the limitations associated with low fees. However honesty and integrity should be a minimum expectation.


You got your money back and tried to make a bad review anyway, tho he worked for nothing. you probably got to keep his work too. I’m with him on this one. A bad review here could mean less money in your pocket. So he tried to protect his income, big deal. I would probably do the same, he didn’t break the ToS, he was just trying not to get a bad review for working free on a project. You talk about integrity and you do that, now you actions scream integrity. Not.


Correct. All cancellations are Mutual, regardless of who initiated. As long as the resolution reached was amicable there’s no HURTING less or more on either end.

I don’t know why this speculative notion is now being spread through the forums, but If i am wrong, I ask that they present proper evidence that this is in fact so.
Fiverr wants a buyer and seller to resolve their own issues first. Once a Customer Support is involved then that’s where negative marking takes place.

Do not know why people simple pass on speculation as raw fact. :rolling_eyes:


I had a buyer who wanted a 5 minute custom drawn 2d animation for 5$ with script and voice over provided by me. I laughed, lacked the words to express the irony of what he wanted so I clicked on that flag icon because he was no human, he was a big country and needed a red flag to state democracy.


And so you should flag it, laugh at it, and dismiss it for what it is: a joke. An unreasonable expectation doesn’t need to be entertained. Any person with half-sense should agree. However, if you accept a gig on a specific request, for the fee you asked for, it is therefore reasonable that the original request (if not changed) is met, e.g. font colour as outlined from the start.

Once again, that being said, the issue of a disagreement over a product is not the issue. The issue is the dishonesty.


Let me tell you what I think happened. The seller doesn’t understand English. When you say font he or she might assume you mean something else. What was the task about, changing fonts, logo, animation or


I’m sorry, but it would be far better for speculation and making up of stories to stop. It’s not achieving any purpose.

No the work was not kept, because it was not useable, and not to the original request the seller accepted. The transaction was ended while Fiverr watermarks were still present in the reviews. No person is in a position to comment or speculate about my or any other persons integrity they have not had personal experience with nor know about the details of a situation. Please stop making stuff up. I am happy to release privately all the screen caps of the process where it may be needed.

The ToS are clear about a product not being used if not paid for. No questions there. Never have, and never will use something I don’t own the rights to.


I agree that that crossed my mind too, and would be a reasonable conclusion to come to. However their profile does not support this. They listed themself as living in the UK (though their time-zone when online didn’t even come close to matching), and English as the only language they spoke. So while a reasonable thing to conclude, unfortunately not what they present themselves as. Again, this leads to questions of honesty.

I am working with another seller at the moment, who does not list English as their main or native language, and we’re having a great time and conversations sorting through the misunderstandings :slight_smile:


In answer to your question, what was the task. I presented a to-scale and colour very basic text logo that I threw together as a sample. Asking for it to be copied e.g. “top row of words are black, and twice as tall as bottom row. The bottom row is red. The exact text is…” and supplied that. Coupled with “but I would like it to resemble the idea and layout in this attached photograph…” (photo supplied).

This was in brief the original gig request, and was accepted. After three days back and forward of the words being the same size, and the colours not being changed, enough was enough and reasonably so. Time to move on and find some one else.Then of course the flipping occurred.


When placing a custom order it must be made clear from the Seller what they are able to do timescales and revisions. If both parties make this clear this sort of thing should be avoided.

Buyers should always ask for samples of a sellers work before placing a gig

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What does that x stand for? Not all gigs have samples.


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