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Seller do not respond


Hi there,

We have started a gig with a seller which is a second lvl seller and have more than enough positive and good reviews.

The gig is well lets say 30 - 40 % done and he’s last message was on November the 17th (now its the 29th). We wrote him few times since that and asked for a status update because the webpage he is doing is still the same.

Anyhow what should we do, there is no answer and we still want him to finish our wix webpage. We really would like to not take action with the fiverr central and blame him but I don’t know.

The seller is also every day online on fiverr but still no reaction.

Thank you for your tip



How many days was the order supposed to take please, and has the completion date been missed?

If the finish date hasn’t been and gone, then your seller has until that date to complete your order.



Thanks for your quick answer.
Yes I know about that, it was so that when the first 5 days passed and the gig wasn’t done the seller asked me if we can to a revision and give him more time, so we did but the request was for 3 days ( October 21). We also told him that he can have the time he needs but we need it for at least in the end November.

So the order is still mark as order in progress but there is still a lot left to do and yeah…


You’re over a month past the due date?

Seriously, please cancel this order and find somebody else who can do it for you.


Well we were in contact and worked together on the design until 21 November but since that day…
I did a request issue on fiverr and see if he respond today but I wonder how to get the money back never used that on fiverr so far…

The thing is that there are not that much seller who can create a wix webpage with html coding. the few besides him we found costs 3 or 4 times more and he’s gig wasnt cheap compared to the other seller 1 for that gig.

We are also limited in how many can do that job we need.
Will take a second look and figure out how to get the money fastest way back.

Thank you for your time


The general rule is that if the order goes over deadline and there’s no explanation from the seller then you have every right to request a cancellation. If only 30% is done then I’d go for cancellation. A decent developer can probably catch up and deliver the order faster than this seller can deliver the remaining 70%.

There’s some further info on order cancellation here

If you don’t know how to do the cancellation yourself then get in touch with customer support. (You’ll need to sign in)


You right and we share here the same point of view.
Thank you as well for the answer.

To bad that this happened, it started so well.