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Seller Does More Work Than Agreed, Ask for Larger Tip

I purchased a gig, nothing uncommon and the task seemed straight forward. I was given a quote for the job, I accepted. The seller did the gig and also went well above the request, almost 3x more work when it was done and delivered. I thought wow, that was a lot of work but I don’t need all of it. Then he came back to me and asked for a much larger tip to cover the cost of the extra work he did. I never agreed for the seller to do more and honestly I was happy with just the amount I needed for this project without the extra. I had already completed the order and left a review then he came back and asked.

What should I do? Should I give a tip comparable to the amount of extra work? Is it fair for a seller to do this to the buyer without asking first?

The quality was great and I would consider the service again but now reluctant to go with this seller if he does the same thing.

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I’m a Seller and I NEVER ask for tips. I charge a rate that I think is fair for the work to be done. If extra work needs to be done, I send a custom offer or gig extra to my Buyer.
You should not feel any pressure to “tip” for extra work done.
In my opinion the Seller is behaving in an unprofessional manner.
To answer your question “:What should I do?” Nothing at all.


As a writer, I often over deliver if I fall in love with the topic, but never ask for a tip.

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True, I feel the same when I sell my gigs. I never ask for a tip even if I know I did a little more than expected or delivered sooner than planned. I’ve had a few gigs that I went a little above for but never expected more. I would appreciate a nice review comment over a tip but even at I will never ask.

Guess, I’ll just leave this one as it is and seek another seller. Too bad because he did a great job, just too pushy at the end.

i neverrr ever asked tips from buyers, i just LOVE to see their satisfaction thats all i need <3

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A seller should delivery as promised and if they want to overdeliver because they love the subject or they hope for a tip, that’s fine. Asking for a tip is rude and expecting a tip every time you overdeliver is creating only trouble for yourself. I wouldn’t tip them because then they will do that to another buyer later. Doing extra and begging for a tip is like running up to a car and smearing a range on the windshield at a stoplight and then demanding that the driver pay you for a car wash. (All IMO.)