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Seller does not deliver according to an Excel rundown I prepared

Hi Fiverr Buyers! Please advise when a seller insists that all instructions are clear and then sends me a clip that even the product name is wrong! the item to be animated was clipped from the wrong product too! I have indicated that I do not approve the editing, the deadline is the 27th October US time, and one hour afterwards, the seller is still quiet, no reply! This is my first order and I am very disappointed!

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I would like to search for what are my rights and if i can cancel and recoup my loss not paying the seller in full - starting another seller with the project asap (i had another 1st choice but he came down with a fever and said that he would rather be considered for the next job, and now he is well)

Hi @timelessvp

Sorry to hear this especially on the first order.
Try to provide the Seller with more clearly instructions again…,
and maybe because of time difference, your seller can’t reply sooner.


If you think your seller can’t provide the project like your request, they no nother options,
You can pick - Cancellation - Mutual Agreement. Hopefully, your Seller accept this too.

If you seller won’t accept Cancellation — You can ask Fiverr CS help to cancel the order.
Don’t forget to explain and took screen shot etc, provide facts, why you decide to cancel the order

Wish you luck,

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi

Thank you for your reply! Where can I find the Cancellation - Mutual Agreement that you are advising about?

and I have gone through everyplace on the website, started to chat on after clicking on Fiverr FB i think, and nothing happening

You can see your order page…,
on the right side…,
“NEED to Change or Cancel Your Order?”
“Visit Resolution Center”

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do i pay something/offer to pay something for 2 scenes that he may have done correctly? out of 15scenes?

Fiverr TOS for Seller:

" * Sellers are required to meet the delivery time they specified when creating their Gigs. Failing to do so will allow the Buyer to cancel the Order when an Order is marked as late and may harm the Seller’s status.

I don’t know how you and your seller agreement is…,
But if your seller failed to deliver the project as per agreement…, they you have right to cancel the project like Fiverr TOS.

If you decide to cancel the project…, then you will get all the project fund.
BUT can’t use all your seller works for this project.
If you still willing to use the scene, then try to communicate again with your seller to get a good-end for both parties :slight_smile:

I wont use any of his material. Substandard. Let me follow your guide to cancel. But its not yet delivery date

ive done the “Ask Seller to cancel” but the outcome is: Your dispute, regarding this order, was sent to **nameofseller"
nameofseller will have up to 2 days to accept or decline. I have decided to start another editor meantime. Thanks so much for your advice!

I believe your best course of action is to contact customer support , if, as you say the seller even got the name of your brand wrong then going to customer support with this will probably get your issue resolved ASAP although i do hear that customer support takes a while to respond these days.

am i not allowed to cancel the Seller before the agreed deadline? But the hardest part is the animation, the job started on 20th and supposed delivery is 27th. He is showing me nothing animated on the 25th! and just clipping the old clip (wrong product) that was to be used as guideline and added the wrong product name to it! Naturally i gauge that he cannot complete this project. When he kept reassuring me that he understood my instructions

Did he accept the cancellation request you’ve made? If yes, you’re good to go and look for another seller but if he declined, you can contact CS to cancel the order. And if the sellers hasn’t responded to the cancellation, the order will be cancelled after 2 days.

He didnt accept, but it has been 3 hours since i reached out to him pointing out the main errors. He just stayed quiet

How do i contact Fiverr CS - is what i am trying to figure out in between

Go to main fiverr homepage if you’re using PC at the bottom of the page you can find “Support” tap on that and open a ticket for order cancellation regarding the order where you can screenshots(if you want to) and submit a ticket.

Did he declined it? (20 characters)

Not yet either. Yikes when creators overpromise, and then this happens … the scariest

Since he hasn’t accept or declined the cancellation request. The order will be cancelled after 2 days.
And it’s too bad to have this experience most especially when you’re new to the platform and this tarnished the goodwill of other sellers here. I can feel what you are going through and it isn’t easy to bear something like this when you had a good start and ended with a worst conclusion.
I hope it wouldn’t happen to you again in future. Best of luck.

Fiverr does not allow partial payment. Either the job is completed satisfactorily or it isn’t.