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Seller does not respond to anything anymore


Hi everyone,

I am having a big problem with a seller. We asked the 3 of february to make us texts for a website. We had a phonecall 3 days later and she needed a week. Long story short, she stopped replying to me. I asked her after 2 promises if she needed help but nothing. So after 19 days and chances enough for her t respond I cancelled the order. But she needs to approve and even that is not happening. I can see she is online more then enough to respond.

What can I do about this because I have wasted way too much time on her and it is setting me back timewise. How can I get her to approve the cancellation or is there another way to get things sorted,

To be hounest she should not be selling here because this is not the way to handle your clients and gives Fiverr a bad reputation. It appears I am not the first one to have fallen for this.

If she reads this topic, I would be happy if you could give me some answers as to why you are behaving like this.



First of all, please remove the name of the seller from your post, it’s against the rules to call out people here.

That’s absolutely not nice that this happened to you. If she doesn’t feline your cancellation then it will be automatically cancelled in 2-3 days. If she will press “decline cancellation” button then you can contact support team and ask them to cancel the order as seller failed to deliver on time. (It’s also big TOS violation to have a phone call, all conversations should happen on fiverr platform)

By the way, if the order went into “very late” stage (you had a certain timeline on the order, right? What is your timer showing?) then you can cancel the order without asking seller to confirm it


Hi, I removed her name, you are right I suppose.

Funny thing is that she started on the documents already but sent us the order a couple of days later later with a different completion time. It states she should have it ready at the latest 22nd of january but we clearly agreed differently and didnt know until after receiving the order. That is all on paper. Details discussed in the 7th and we were promised it to be ready on the 14th. She then wrote that she would deliver tuesday latest wednesday and she had a copywriter look at it because she wasnt 100 procent sure it was all ok. Wednesday end of the day I asked status she said thursday latest friday. I emailed her that I thought she might have trouble finishing or something like that so asked her if she needed help from me on wednesdaynight and it has been silent from then. I asked several more times nicely but no response.


Unless she refuses to cancel, the order will cancel in two days after you used the cancellation button. I’m sorry you had this bad experience. I feel terrible when I hear stories like yours that as you said make the site look bad.

There are great sellers here who would never act that way.


I am not certain about your timelines based on your post, but if the seller did send you a custom offer with a delivery date of Jan 22, you might need to wait until that day has passed before you pursue this further. Even if she agreed to an earlier delivery time during communications, the order isn’t considered late until the actual delivery time and it’s not late enough to cancel until a day or so past the set delivery time. If the order still shows up on your order page as active, wait until you either get a delivery or until you get a system message that says the order has gone late. Then you can act accordingly.


She had received 5 messages over a period of several days to have given any kind of response. The order is now cancelled but not due to actions from her side. It was the automated cancellation time which has cancelled the order. These kind of people should no be on this platform as it makes me doubt the thrustworthyness very much.

Anyway case closed and hopefully I wont have the same experience again.

For the record I have also had excellent experiences with fiverr.


Sounds good. Orders are automatically canceled if they run too late.