Seller doesn't bother reading the order?


Maybe I’m just being too sensitive but I am really offended.

Me: I want a cute leopard girl washing off her spots, or picking them off, or covering them with make-up for my new blog it’s a blog about melasma, so the idea is that she’s taking off the spots not her clothes, but a nod towards pin up girls or something coy and flirty would be great.

Seller: I apologize but I do not do pictures that have sexual references

Me: Did you read my order at all? There are NO sexual references, but if you are not comfortable with the job then we can cancel it.

Me: Also, melasma is a skin condition that effects a large number of women, while not curable it is possible to fade the spots, thus the name of my website.

She hasn’t responded, but even if she wants to take my order now-- I think I would rather just have her cancel it because that first response leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Its a shame because I thought her art was cute, but I am just starting this blog and want a LOT of up beat cute art to go with my posts. So buyers, what would you do? Sellers, do you all think I’m just too sensitive? Anyone want to give me feedback/perspective on this situation?


Reply to @vedmak:

wendym said: Let's be clear, I'm not offended by her refusal to do the work. I'm offended by the dishonesty.

I don't expect you to agree with me but do I really need to type the same thing over and over?

I know in the ebb and flow of forum posts its easy to miss some facts.

vedmak said: Reason I stated I would not want you as buyer is specifically because you yourself said you might get offended easily, as I am straight talking type of guy that just says things as I feel.

No I didn't. I'm not easily offended. However, I am not particularly fond of people putting words in my mouth or inferring I expect something I don't (like over delivery) so perhaps when some aspect of my character is in question you should ask before stating it as if it's gospel truth. I would give you the same consideration. :)


It sounds to me as though they didn’t really understand your blog message, and only took the name of it “nakedleopard…” and the reference to “pin up girl…” “coy” and may have thought it was going to be too provacative for their taste.

When I read the description of what you wanted, I thought it sounded adorable and I certainly didn’t get a sense of adult content! LOL

Has the seller requested a mutual cancellation? If so, I would go with that, and find another artist (there are a lot of really good ones here!) who isn’t so “sensitive” to what you are requesting. I think at times it is hard to get back on track and have a good feeling when there is miscommunication. Also, it sounds as though this seller just doesn’t want to work with you or on your idea.

I don’t think anything is “wrong” with your concept, it just wasn’t a “match” with the artist you chose. When one door closes, a window opens and leads you to something better~

All the best



Thank you Juli. She hasn’t offered a mutual cancellation, but maybe it’s in the works. At this point I think it’s probably for the best.

The first artist I hired got the proverbial “it” with the art, and did a beautiful job (I’ve just hired him again, to do the banner/header image for my site.)

I totally understand if this 2nd artist doesn’t feel the concept I’m going for and I would respect that as a response so much more than the one I was given. I try not to give too much direction for the art, because I want some of the “surprise me” factor but now I feel kind of paranoid.


Good idea! I really respect your blog and what your writing for.

As for the seller, I would give one last shot/message and say a long the lines " I think there has been a miscommunication… I’ll clarify what the purpose of this art is for, and you can see it does not make any inappropriate references"

If the seller still is being difficult, cancel and find someone else :slight_smile:




Should have contacted the buyer before placing any orders to begin with.

Just saying this from a seller’s point of view.


Reply to @chaihock: From a seller’s POV, that depends on the instructions in the gig. I don’t expect all my buyers to contact me - I don’t offer photos but my gigs are creative - unless I specifically state in my gig or they believe that it will be difficult.

@wendym: It does seem like miscommunication and that the seller didn’t read everything fully - or didn’t grasp the full idea. We all complain about buyers not reading our gig descriptions so should really make sure we understand the details/messages before replying! I didn’t see anything in there that stated adult content; in fact this:

wendym said: so the idea is that she's taking off the spots not her clothes

makes it very clear that its not adult content.

Good luck and I hope you find someone who can help!


Reply to @wendym: I understand that you enjoy a little ‘thrill’ at seeing artwork for the first time, but as someone who has been working in commercial art and design for many years, you’re asking for trouble by not explaining EXACTLY what you want from an artist - especially in a freelance situation - and particularly on Fiverr™. Quick and to the point is what Fiverr™ is all about. There are very few artists here who can, or will want to, spend loads of time on one gig™. That being said, you did a pretty good job of describing what you want, so perhaps it just seemed too involved or time-consuming for that particular seller. (Did their description include actual completed Fiverr™ work of a similar quality of what you’re looking for, or just “samples”?)

I’m sure you can find another talented seller here. Remember to be specific! There are many opinions on what is considered “sexual” especially considering the world-wide variety of people in the Fiverr™ community. Maybe contact the next seller before ordering and include a sample image of the sort of style you’re looking for. A little prep work in advance can save hours of effort and frustration later. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


@chaihock: Why? It wasn’t specified in the gig description to contact before hiring, otherwise that’s what I would have done.


@itsyourthing: I spend a lot of time going through fiverr and looking for sellers that offer in their descriptions exactly what I’m looking for, and I choose from those sellers the ones that already have a style that matches my needs. I find that letting artists be who they are and surprise me right out of the gate builds a better dynamic for the long run. I’m not just looking to hire someone for $5 once, I’m looking for someone that will work with me and take more and more of my money as time goes on. I’m not asking anyone to paint the Sistine Chapel for $5.

I accept I may get a few pieces that I won’t like or use, but I was absolutely not prepared for the response from the seller that was given. If the true reason was that the artist feels it’s too involved then that is the response that should have been given. BTW, this was a USA seller, so language and culture should not be an issue.


Hi, you may wish to give them another opportunity to redeem themselves. If the initial contact left you, less than impressed, though, then, it might be better to find someone who gets it or at least, will clarify what it is you seek. When you mentioned pinups, I thought of, Vargas, the premier pinup artist in his day. Some of my favorite work. I do hope you’ll be able to find someone to have a long term collaboration with.


Reply to @wendym: No need to get defensive - I was just offering some advice from someone who is involved in the arts - both commercially and in finer arts.

Even though you probably aren’t interested in more advice from me - a good many of the sellers with an American flag next to their name, aren’t really American. :wink:


Reply to @wendym: Just because it wasn’t specified it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Well, base on the way you view things, I guess it make sense now why you’re here ranting about this then.

Now, if you had leave that seller of yours a message before buying, all of these would probably not happen.

I’m just amused at how some people come here to rant on things when it’s partly their fault to begin with.

Just my 2 cents.


I would have turned down the order as well. My view would be the same as the seller that you dealt with. Even though to some people a pin up girl graphic may seem innocent but to others it can be viewed as something sexual. You see, each individual has their own set of morals and values. What I may consider rated R may be considered rated PG. A woman being flirtatious while wearing almost nothing can be viewed as soliciting sexual activity.

Again, we all view things in our own way. I am just trying to explain that how you view things are not always the exact way that others will.


Reply to @itsyourthing: I wondered sometimes about that…if people who have an American flag next to their name are not indeed from America. How do they manage that? Fake email accts to sign up here? How then do they get their funds released into a fake paypal acct?


@lorena72: I agree, still if that’s the case though shouldn’t the seller write something other than “draw you anything as digital art” or if she has stricter than average views on what is and isn’t lewd then clearly state where she draws the line in her description? I would have moved on to another artist and this would have never been an issue.

At the very least I expect a professional response and for her to communicate, and if she’s unwilling to do the job to cancel the order and give my money back.


Reply to @lorena72: I’m not sure how they do it, and at the moment I don’t recall the sign up process. PayPal does have ‘international’ accounts. And I seem to recall a forum thread about how to receive funds related to India.

The same as everything else in ‘business’, there’s always a loop-hole to be exploited.


Reply to @wendym: So she hasn’t offered a mutual cancellation or refund? If not you should probably get in touch with Customer Service and explain. And just to be on the safe side, make a point to stress “anything” in the gig description.


@itsyourthing: No, I actually haven’t heard anything from her at all. I gave it a day in case she decided to respond and yesterday I hit the cancellation button so I have one more day to wait before it’s cancelled if she does nothing.


Reply to @wendym: The only thing I can possibly say in the sellers defense is that there are times (way too many!) when the messaging system doesn’t work. But she really should have initiated the cancellation as soon as she decided not to do the job.

I hope your next gig order goes smoothly. :slight_smile: