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Seller doesn't deliver revision and is not responding

So I let someone on here do an album cover for me. It was the second time, the first time I didn’t have any problems with him so I returned because I liked his work. Delivery time was 9 days. The delivery arrived 3h late but I was very satisfied with the result. The gig included 2 revisions and there were some minor things to change so I requested a revision. One week later and I still hadn’t heard from the seller (order status was still in revision) so I contacted him via the gig’s chat, two days passed and he also didn’t respond. So I went to the help center and clicked “The seller is not responding” which opened a dispute. He didn’t respond to the dispute either and has only a couple of hours to do so.

What should I do now?
What happens when the timer runs out? I don’t want to cancel the gig I just want the revision.
Will it leave a bad review when the timer runs out?



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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

  1. You’ve done all you reasonably can. You could contact customer support, but they can’t force your buyer to complete the order. They will likely cancel the order and refund your money, which is not the result you want: .

2 & 3) If your seller doesn’t respond in time, Fiverr will automatically cancel the order, you will be refunded, and your buyer will automatically receive a one star review.

The difficult part of this is that no-one knows why your seller has gone quiet. There could be a genuine reason preventing him from communicating. But of course, that doesn’t help you.


Thank you for your reply. Now the timer is up, it says dispute closed and the status went back to in revision? What should I do now? Is this normal?