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Seller Doesn't Even Know His Own Terms!

I purchased a Gig. I never received anything, except for a receipt, so when I emailed the seller, he and I go back and forth about something he obviously isn’t capable of handling!

Why does he argue?

He forgets the customer is always right! I had to ask multiple times for clarification on something…finally he gave me THE WRONG ANSWER! His ad stated he will run the ad for three weeks. He told me it was four weeks…HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW! Here is his ad…

"I will Advertise your websites,affiliate Links, webstores,and any other as long as they are G RATED in nature and Have Valid URLS, TO over 1 Million Real People in the USA or around the World all ads will be Targeted by Niche or Category and will run for 3 Weeks Straight


I need help or I will dispute the charge…someone has to have a record of my details!

First off, “the customer is always right” is a very American thing and in many cases the customer is not only ignorant but also due to above statement desires to obtain things for less than advertised. But then, I am Dutch and train-stopping directness is our part and parcel.

Now that this is out of the way, if the seller cannot give you what you ask for, it’s best to request a mutual cancellation through the resolution center. If you dispute the charge, Fiverr will block your account.

It is also possible that you found a copycat, someone who copied someone else’s Gig but cannot actually perform the service. It’s best to keep evidence of all your dealings (screenshots) and when it goes wrong, contact Customer Support with them.

Be sure to keep communicating, but it seems like you’ve already entered toxic relationship territory.

Reply to @laughingcrow:

I think you’re my soul mate. You always say exactly what I’m thinking.

The customer is always right is a slogan. Not an absolute truth. It has never been treated as such. What if a customer said they wanted a million dollars? It’s just to say pleasing your customers should always be a very high priority. And well it should. If a seller is right (and a buyer is technically wrong, but dissatisfied), chances are, the outcome won’t be good for anyone.

With this…

upsdeidre said: Why does he argue?
He forgets the customer is always right! I had to ask multiple times for clarification on something...

I don't think you two should be arguing. If it's reached that point, it may be better to just put in a cancellation. If you go to your gig order, you can click on "Resolution Center" to do so.

Reply to @kjblynx: Unless you work for Wal-Mart. (And I do, part-time. It’s atrocious.)