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Seller doesn't know how to do job

I recently purchased a gig from a new seller and it turns out the seller is claiming to do something that he cannot do because the quality of the work delivered was extremely poor. Be careful when purchasing gigs.


You as a buyer should do your research before purchasing any gig, you should contact the buyer first and ask him if he can deliver the gig or not this before open an order.


@gmanasseh, It happens in that cases when a Buyer not initiate any communication with seller and order the gig directly.
To get the desired result ask to seller is best way…And Read seller profile, read their review on that particular gig, will help you more.

getting quality job done is by ensuring you vividly access the seller and more so ensure that you engage in a discussion. this help you understand how much the seller is competent in relation to your task.

Before purchase any gig, It’s need to talk elaborately.

It shouldn’t have to be necessary to contact the seller before you order - the whole point of Fiverr was that you saw a gig you liked and ordered it. Buyers should actually be able to trust sellers that what they’re offering in their gig is what they will actually deliver.

@gmanasseh - if you’re genuinely not happy with the work you’ve received, then please go through the process of asking for revisions, cancelling to get a refund etc., contacting CS if you need to.

If you’ve gone past the time limit of this, or can’t cancel, then please leave a suitable review so that other potential buyers can be wary of this seller.


I think is necessary to talk about the project with buyers to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and mostly avoid cancellations that will the business here on fiverr.

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From a seller’s point of view that makes complete sense.

The OP and every other buyer wants to be able to click the ‘buy now’ button and get whatever’s been described in the gig listing. It’s not the buyer’s fault that they didn’t contact the seller to ensure they could do what they promised - it’s the seller’s fault for not being honest.


Fiverr team should take care to remove non professional sellers or gigs that not perform as they promise, too much gigs offers and so many so called experts or gurus but in reality as a buyer i need to deeply search to find exactly the providers of services that I’m looking for, I understand both side but as a seller I’m facing more issues lately and not created by buyers but more by fiverr rules and regulations.
I’m in a very bad situation right now to keep it simple: I’m here since 2012 and I got the level 2 seller badge few time later I joined and now after few gigs mutual order cancellation now I’m back to level one and one ALL of the gigs mutually cancelled now the system will kick me back to a level 1 seller, I think this is ridiculous but I don’t mind as I already seen the drop of protection for sellers.
I think few messages before any order will help both side to understand if the gig will work or not.

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It wasn’t about delivery it was about being able to do the job that you are claiming to say you can do.

I called it a loss at the end of day and moved on from it.

Yes messaging the seller is key as well. I have had to cancel an order because I was unable to do the order however the buyer just purchased without saying anything to me prior.

Obviously not if you’ve posted here about it. :wink:

We can only do that if other buyers who’ve had poor experiences like yours do something about it, like leaving a suitable review. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just a thought to the wind…

You see, I had this person who wanted an English to Spanish translation done and wondered why I hadn’t heard from her again. I googled and found she hired a “whatever language professional translator” - seller who happens to also be new - for a lower price. So, I said to myself: - Oh well, now I understand! This seller is not only cheaper than me but also a “professional”

Of course, results coming from a professional whatever language cheaper translator must be amazing compared to those coming from a native speaker… :roll_eyes:

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We don’t know all the details in this case and we’ve heard only one side of the story.
So I can’t comment OP’s experience, but I disagree that buyers shouldn’t contact the seller.

It depends on the service of course, but I’d say in most cases you should contact the seller to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Sellers get like 1200 chars to explain their service and even if they add 20 FAQ’s there’s no way to explain everything about their service. Buyers often tend to assume that sellers can instantly read their mind and have the same vision.

For example, voice over gigs are easy. You can listen to the demo and you usually get what you pay for. However, technical gigs often require consultation before a seller can confirm if they can do the job or not.

I don’t know what happened in this case and maybe the seller did promise something that they couldn’t deliver, but saying “You don’t have to contact sellers” won’t help anyone.

I think the message here should be that make sure you do a proper vetting before hiring anyone.
Yes, there are sellers who give promises they can’t keep, but if you have a good vetting process in place then you should be able to filter out those sellers. There is no foolproof process, but you can definitely improve your chances.

If you don’t know how to vet sellers then you can post your requirements here and we can give you some tips. A lot of us have purchased gigs on this platform hundreds of times(including myself) and it’s very rare when we get a seller who can’t deliver.

She is a seller herself…

Sellers aren’t always the best buyers :slight_smile:
I’m a WP consultant so I know what to look for when I’m outsourcing WP tasks, but it took me a while before I learned how to buy decent copywriting gigs.

This is not the whole point of fiverr. No seller is able to do everything.

There is an option “contact seller” and buyers SHOULD do this before ordering, if they aren’t 100% sure it will work perfectly by just doing a purchase.

Freelancers are humans, and humans are limited.

So if a buyer want to be sure it will work 100%, they MUST contact the seller before, or they are risking to waste their money.

For example, in my gig, I clearly explain that some images won’t work, but buyers keep ordering without contacting. All the cancellations I have to do is because buyers didn’t contacted me before ordering.

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Which is why relying on 'contact me before you order’is a bit pointless?:wink:

You can’t make buyers contact you - they can choose to if they want to, but clearly they don’t always.


You are completely wrong :slightly_smiling_face:
I have new buyers contacting me everyday due the “contact me before”. I never mentioned buyers doesn’t contact me, I just said the cancellations I have to do are because those who doesn’t.

It’s pointless for those buyers who doesn’t read/respect the gig description.

Then the buyers must take the risk of ordering without contacting before, not just with me, but with every single seller. Fiverr won’t refund buyers because the didn’t like a delivery, this is why there are negative reviews too.

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