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Seller doesn't mention in their Gig ad that all I get is a "mock-up" for $5

[Let me first preface this by saying that I had one previous gig request and I paid without hesitation and even tipped the lady. So I’m not going to scam someone just to save $20.]
Just recently I requested a simple logo design.
But the first draft was a “mock-up” view of my logo at an angle, partly blurred, with a shine on it. I liked the design but corrected the spelling and requested that the final one be a view from straight-on, no shine, etc… Basically, I wanted to be able to paste it onto a letterhead or whatever.
The seller replied in agreement (i think)…… in bad English (no periods) and while it was hard to decipher if I would get the logo that way, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and approved it. Then the final design they sent was another “mock-up” of what it would look like on a page on a desk with pens around it….they asked for a “great” review and mentioned that I can buy the source files. I posted a review saying I liked the work and hoped I get a usable logo now that I had paid.
I said great, can I have my logo in jpeg? Seller said I’d already got it.
So a mock-up is what he was providing. Now while I don’t mind paying the whole fee, I wasn’t happy about being mislead or held to ransom. After some great difficulty trying to explain myself, the seller finally sent the logo. Also at some point along the way, my conversation wasn’t updating to show the proper logo they recently sent, so there was a slight issue with that.
Anyway, after all the hassle, I revised my review to say that communication had been difficult and that you can expect a mock-up only – since the seller wasn’t revealing that.
Then the seller start getting abusive…sent me a mailbox message swearing at me.
Also, the seller keeps sending requests to cancel the gig, so that the bad review will be removed. Offered to refund my “lucky $5″ – I refused because I’d put a lot of time into communicating back and forth and then the abuse was the final straw. They also grudgingly offered the source files for $5 as if that was what I was after. I’ve more to do with my time than scam someone out of $20 – Payment/cost was never the issue.
Then I revised the review again (gave 1 star) and mentioned all the abuse and requests to delete the gig. Up to now there have been 6 persistent request from the seller to cancel the gig and each time I deny, they just request again. This is bordering on harassment at this point and I’ve reported the abuse to CS.

Oh, give us the whole conversation, not just the beach bit! (BTW, you appear to have duplicated your complaint–you might want to edit)

LOL I didn’t know I could not show the sellers name, but I guess that makes sense. They had a bad attitude towards me but I wouldn’t want to ruin their chances of making a living. The admin has removed the duplicate also, thankfully.

Your seller doesn t know how to do logo, he has most likley just few psd mockups, where he edits the name company and that is it. On the other hand, you really expected the final logo design in PSD/PNG/ESP/AI you can use for $5? That is just silly. Do a bit research how much it costs outside of Fiverr, then come back to Fiverr and understand how actually affordable would be to pick some well or top rated logo seller with amazing reviews on their logos to pay from $100 up. On the end you would get custom design, all required formats and be happy with their work, you wouldn t bother with harassment and stuffs like that. For example there is on other thread in this field one logo seller gailbunning, look at their profile, that is type of seller you should hire.