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Seller doesn't respond

I contacted one of the product photographers here in Fiverr with hopes to get good quality images for my product.
We started well and the seller seemed to be responsive. I sent him a list of requirements for the product photography.

Then I mailed my products to him and he confirmed he eventually received them. A week later, the seller ignores my messages and this is very concerning. My products are ready for launch and the last thing I’m waiting for is his images. I spent 46 USD to send the products to him and I’m worried this is not going to go anywhere.

We didn’t create an order yet and I have no idea what’s going on even though he keeps popping up online.

Have you guys had any experience of this sort? I’m scratching my head thinking what should I do.


Hello @manshukkerey, I’m sorry to hear about that. Just curious, why would you send a stranger your products without purchasing a gig first?


That means that the seller isn’t obliged to do anything.

Sellers are told by Fiverr not to start work until the order is placed.

What for? There’s no order.


Hi @manshukkerey I know it is very concerning for you but he has already violated the TOS of Fiverr because as per Fiverr TOS the sellers are not allowed to share any personal detail until and unless it is required for the order purpose. Also, if the details like mobile number, address or email ID are shared they should be done on the order page. That means it is necessary to create an order before sharing the details. I would just suggest you that you should contact the CS team with the delivery receipt and other evidences you have. They may block the seller from further fraud and also since there was no contract between you two on Fiverr regarding the order somewhere Fiverr will be not responsible for the loss of $46. But ya if you contact them they can stop that seller for doing such fraud in future.

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Not sure what business operates like this, I hope you don’t plan on sending products to your customers without them paying first.

Actually all photographers here on Fiverr ask buyers not to purchase their gig untill they actually got the product.
Shipping can take months or not go through at all, then there’s customs and all that. That is a reasonable demand, there is simply no other way to operate sadly.
Of course that’s far from ideal (and one of the main reasons why I decided against creating a photography gig for myself, although I really want to) and it would be great if Fiverr could look into a different format for photography category to make it possible to make it official from the start (perhaps milestone-like system that wouldn’t start the timer untill shipping is successfully done?).

If the seller confirmed he got the products, it is unlikely his intention was to scam you.
Does he have any reviews? Have you made your intention on placing an order asap clear? (I ask because maybe something went wrong in communication and the seller thinks you expect him to start working without upfront payment, but he doesn’t want to confront you). How long has he been ignoring you? If it’s just a couple of days, I would give it more time. Perhaps he’s busy with something else or something happened. Ignoring your buyers for too long is unprofessional of course, but there is still chance he would deliver a good result eventually, within a reasonable time frame, even if communication is lacking.

Unfortunately there’s not much you can do anyways, as Fiverr can’t protect you if you haven’t made a purchase. If the seller doesn’t get back to you for way too long or you don’t recieve your products back, you could try contacting customer support about getting this seller’s account suspended for fraud.


Explain the issue to Fiverr and see what happens next. No harm trying.

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there you have it… sellers should work on projects once an order is placed.

what issue are you talking about ? OP mentioned that he hasn’t placed an order


You have responded to the wrong person. There’s no reason for me to explain this case to Fiverr, I’ve got nothing to do with it.

I asked for someone’s LinkedIn profile to prove his serious about his offer of job on fiverr. I was told by many freelancers to not to ask for such information as I can get a warning.

But, I noticed that once I asked for the info, the buyer went underground. I reported him to fiverr anyway. Can’t be bothered with scammers. They shouldn’t be allowed to appear on fiverr as they could end up wasting people’s money and time.

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