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Seller dosent cancel my order

Hi there,
So I submitted a video for color grading for the first time here on Fiverr, the seller sent me a video that was not close to what I asked. on top of that, I did it by myself on a non proffesional software and it looked way better, and expected good quality work from a professional colorist.

I am a video producer so I notice a good or bad job done. I talked to the seller and he agreed to cancel the order if im not satisfied with the work. after that, I opened a dispute yet a day and a half passed with no response. meanwhile I already paid and the deadline is very close.

What happenes if the 2 day dispute response is over and the seller just dissapeared?
Will I get my money back?

I really want to hire someone else so that I won’t pass my deadline, but i’m afraid for my money.

Thank you

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This may be helpful to you:

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