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Seller false Claims of Ability

I am amazed at the number of sellers misrepresenting their ability.

I posted a request to have some one put some games on my website for my users similar to what Facebook has. This seller answers saying he can do it so I give him access to cpanel. A week later he sends message asking for my Wordpress access information after I already explained it was a PHP website. Now he sends me a message saying gig is complete so I went to my website and there on the login page is five games covering half the login page. He told me I didn’t ask for them to be on the home page. What kind of Idiot would sit on a login page playing a game? Besides that I told him it was for my users. He wanted to cancel the gig and I said to get rid of those games from the Login page and he said that would be extra work. That was Seller ***********.

The seller before that I asked to create a feature on my social networking website that was exactly the same as Create Group. When he completed it I went and checked and it was here however it didn’t function. He told me he didn’t know I wanted it to function. This seller was *************

Did you tell him which page to put the games on?

Maybe sometimes it is better to check first if the seller really understands what you want.
Even WordPress is PHP-powered and it can produce a confusion.

If your request is above standard knowledge, make sure your project requirement description is full and complete. Better to not only ask for ability, but also test it - especially if you are not sure if the seller is able to finish the job.

take your time before choosing a seller . always prefer an experience seller for best service