Seller Falsely Posing as the Owner of Our Website


I work as a full-time writer for a couple of tech websites. Recently I decided to add to my revenue by offering my services here on Fiverr. I was perusing the marketplace for similar gigs to see how they’re posted, and I came across someone who claimed to own one of the websites I write for. Though he didn’t mention our URL outright, our logo and website name is used in one of his gig images, as well as the phrase “Exclusively on Fiverr”.

I contacted my boss/the website owner as well as the gig owner. My boss is irate over the fact that this guy is claiming to own our site (even if he’s not, his image gives the impression that our site is his), and truthfully it hurts me as an employee, as well. I notified the gig owner that what he’s doing is wrong and that he remove the graphic immediately. He said he’s not doing anything wrong but he’ll take the image down. It’s still up.

The worst part is this guy doesn’t have great feedback on his gig. For anyone who searches for our site name via his gig, they’ll automatically think our site is related to him, which gives us a very poor reputation. To make matters even worse, our YouTube channel under the same name was recently shut down by Google earlier in the month, around the same time this guy received a negative review from a very irate customer. We never received any notification from Google that we were in violation of any rules, so it’s a strong possibility that an irate customer from Fiverr wrongly flagged/reported our videos thinking they were getting back at the gig owner. Big speculations, I know, but it seems way too coincidental.

Has anyone else ever had something like this happen?


No suggestions from anyone? This can’t be a rare problem…


I’ve tried contacting them a few times and received only generic responses. The seller still hasn’t taken down the photo with our logo and he’s received even more negative feedback since the whole thing started.

The worst part is this went undetected for over a year. :frowning: