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Seller Feedback - Take Issue With It


I recently required a small logo design process and when I (buyer) posted their reply to my very detailed request, colors, layout all used on an excel spreadsheet as best I could.

We went back and forth a few times as would be expected, there was no “mis-understanding” that I had nor the provider. When the logo was delivered, there were a few issues off the top, again, I provided a few paragraphs with more details to what I was specifically looking for, also asking the seller if there were any issues and they replied no. So again, should not be an issue.

Revision #2 came in worse than the 1st, now we are going the wrong way, so I asked the seller if they understand my english (not trying to be arrogant here) just looking for full clarity, they replied yes.

Revision #3 - close but no cigar. I provided color code, font type/size, hand drawn/scanned, etc but colors were not used, layout was again closer…ish but not what I wanted.

I only paid for 3 revisions so I communicated with the seller that I was not pleased and did not feel I should pay for another revision.

Ok so ffwd to a few more emails, they got it close enough I thought I’ll just repost here and find someone with more than 500 + reviews as this seller had. So got all the files and the issue starts with REVIEWS…

Apparently Fiverr has some review structure (need clarity here) so that sellers rank is affected by reviews. Well, I provided a 3 star review, given the issues I felt that was as good as I could provide. Then the seller sent me message after message asking me to up the review to 5 as Fiverr will penalize her and blah, blah. This went on for 6-7 messages and I thought what a pain in the tail. I did not give this person a full 5 reviews but wonder, how many times does this happen and how many people just say “heck with it” and give the seller 5 stars?

I contacted Fiverr and was advised to rate according to service level, which I did but did not get clarity on if/how sellers are affected and really should I care?


@tysl101 You need to rate sellers according to their level of service, quality of final delivery, and overall communication skills.

You should actually report the seller to Fiverr CS.

It is true a negative review will affect gig’s placement by a little. But what I think the seller was trying to avoid was having the truth come out.

I am a strong advocate of fairness and I do send a message to any buyer who leaves a less than perfect review, but it’s for me to actually learn what they felt was off about my overall service, or whether it was an arbitrary review. :slight_smile:

As long as your review was honest and not spiteful, you should stick to it and report the seller.


Thanks Frand_d, appreciate your insight. Glad you are using it for learning purposes and yes, there are likely crappy buyers as well who have a mission to never give 5 stars for whatever reason.



It is completely up to you.

Do you?
If so, then you would take the plight of the seller and change your feedback to 5 :star:
If you do not?
Then you already did what you did.



spoken like a true Yoda disciple. :slight_smile:


People are always affected by reviews.
Caring for a seller does not mean you should give them an undeserved positive review!
If you give an unfairly negative review then the seller affected is the one you bought from.
If you give an unfairly positive review then those affected are the sellers who do better work than the one you bought from and the buyers who buy from the seller expecting to get a 5 star service.
Rate honestly - it makes the whole site better for everyone.




Agreed, rating honestly is key. If 3 stars was your experience, then so be it. Not every transaction works out into a 5 star experience… there are usually many factors and the seller should know that. Sometimes all you give just doesn’t match the vision of the person buying from you. They should actually be thankful it was a 3 star and not 1. However reviews are super competitive here so I understand the seller’s desperation-- but that doesn’t mean they should be spam-messaging you. Unless you have thousands of sales or are a top rated seller, from what I can infer, having less than 5 stars means your gig would be impacted in ranking thus making it harder to achieve long term success, so that’s probably why they freaked out. But, if they have hundreds of great reviews, one 3-star review isn’t the end of the world either…