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Seller filing a dispute and cancelation

I have an open order that the seller wishes to cancel. The seller has also filed a dispute. The seller claims I requested work that was not in the original scope of the work ordered, which is not true.

Basically the seller is unable to perform the work requested and now the seller is saying the work can’t be done but wants to place the blame on me. I would be happy to agree to cancel the order but due to his dispute I believe if I agreed to that his dispute would be validated and he would be paid for work that he didn’t do.

Can I agree to his cancellation request without penalty or do I need to file my own dispute?

Thanks for your help.


You wouldn’t pay any penalty. All funds minus processing fee will be returned to your fiverr balance


Is there anyway to leave feedback regarding my experience?

This has to be the third time at the least that this has happen to me on Fiverr. I have hired people who tell me they can do a job and then they spend days or weeks trying to figure out how to do what they told me they were already capable of. In the end the work doesn’t get done.

Fiverr has turned into a huge waste of my time. With Fiverr doing nothing to prevent this happening again in the future. I question why I still use this platform.

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No. Feedback can only be left once an order has been placed and delivered. Leaving feedback at any other point can just lead to abuse.

If this is the case, you are hiring the wrong sellers and need to revaluate your hiring process.

Typically, veteran sellers are usually wary of working with buyers who say they have been let down previously. This is because more often than not, buyers end up having expectations which are out of line with what a gig or seller offers.

Maybe next time, you could explain what you are looking for in the forum and get feedback concerning how best it might be to go about finding sellers/getting what you need done.


Are you joking? Leaving feedback for these types of sellers would result in people like me not to having my time wasted by unprofessional hacks!

You’re ■■■■ right I am hiring the wrong sellers.

I don’t need to adjust anything. I hire people who claim they know how to write code but actually have no clue what they are doing. If Fiverr actually tested and qualified these sellers FIRST then buyers like myself would not run into these problems.

You have made a lot of accusations assuming because I am the buyer I don’t know what I am in need of. But let me tell you you’re wrong in everything you said.

Based on your bias response I can only assume you are a seller yourself.

I pray to God this isn’t the only support on this platform.

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Here on the forums, we are all just buyers and sellers, like you. We share advice based upon personal experience… and some of us, like @cyaxrex have been working here, on Fiverr, for a long time. If you need any other significant support, you will have to contact Customer Support.


There are skills tests that they can do on Fiverr. You could check if they have a relevant passed skills test on their profile if you wanted.


I’m really sorry about your experience. I know what it feels like to depend on someone to take care of something and they end up disappointing you. I think you should look for a couple of things other than reviews when you want to place an order. Does this person have any verified skill? How’s the response rate? What’s the communication like? All these should determine your choice of freelancer.

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I was actually trying to help. This is why I suggested that before you place a new order, you create a forum post explaining what you need. Members of the community could then possibly help either identify what might be wrong with your present hiring process, and/or maybe even help connect you with a service vendor who can help with your request.

As for Fiverr vetting sellers, this would be extraordinarily difficult with software developers. I actually write for a leading software developer blog and several problems currently plague the industry.

  • There is a severe shortage of coders at present. This means even big companies have to lower their expectations when hiring and sometimes commit to training coders in-house.
  • Developer shortages mean that the best developers charge premium rates. I don’t know what your budget is, but it might be the case that the kind of talent you need commands a higher price tier
  • The majority of new developers coming to market are self-taught and/or have non-conventional academic qualifications. There is also an argument to be made that the best developers get where they are by coding on the go in real life work contexts. This is makes testing developers tricky. As does he fact that there are so many coding languages.

Another famous freelance platform was attempting to vet software developers. However, they have recently ceased doing so. Too many developers in niche programming languages like Golang, were being failed in tests by being asked things like PHP programming language questions in standardized tests which were not relevant to their skill set.

I’m sorry if you found my original reply upsetting. However, I was sincerely trying to be of help.


I clicked on Contact Support and this is where I am directed to. An actual link to email, chat or phone support would be greatly appreciated.

Where do I find a link to the skills test they have taken. That would help a lot to actually know if they have the skills that I am hiring them for.

I would love to know where to find the verified skills. That will help greatly

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Just go to their Fiverr profile. If any tests have been taken and passed they should be listed in the “Skills Taken” section which will be under “Languages” section of the profile (assuming the seller has opted to show the results).


Fiverr requires all support requests to go through their dedicated Customer Support section.

Go here:

And then, under the heading “Do you still have questions?”, click the “contact us” button. That will lead you to the CS form that you can fill out to open a CS ticket.


You truly have to be the most rude and disrespectful guy I have seen in the forum in the past month.
Everyone is literally trying to help you on how to have a better experience using the platform, and you answer like this? no wonder every seller you have contacted, regardless of their quality, wants to cancel on you, with that attitude, it’s a miracle they agreed on even wanting to talk to you.
Other sellers might quick block you and send you to spam.
What an awful attitude.


Thanks for this reply. I was bothered how you had made so many assumptions but apologies accepted.

I had originally made a request looking for someone to code my project and gave great details, links and examples regarding the work I need done and honestly I believe I have hired three different people who said they could do it but then it turned out they couldn’t.

The last guy (who I have a dispute with now) I even said “Please don’t waste my time. If you don’t know how to make this happen, just tell me now”. Anyways, I got strung along for another couple of weeks with no finished product.

All this just makes me want to learn how to code and go into business for myself. LOL!!

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Are you reading the same thread I am? I don’t think you are.

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Thanks! I will be checking profiles much closer before hiring the next person.

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Buyers cannot see the response rate. They can only see the response time. :wink:

On the phone app, the Fiverr Forum is listed under the heading Support. We Forum members are not Customer Support, however, we can offer advice as @cyaxrex and others have given you.


This is actually something I keep thinking about too. From my perspective, it seems like a sensible thing to do for job security.

I can’t really help you find the kind of talent you need. However, if you are posting a buyers request looking for coders, this might be something you want to reconsider. Most veteran sellers don’t ever visit buyers requests.

Instead, you might want to break down what you need in your project. Is it a mobile app? Do you need someone who specializes in a specific coding language?

If you an do this, start using the search to find sellers by searching for specific search terms associated with what you need. If I was looking for a seller in pretty much any field, I would then look for someone with at least 200 majority 5-star reviews. Then message them with an outline of what you need and ask if they can help.

You might also want to use sites like GitHub to see if there are already any free and opensource software applications which you can use as the foundation for your own app or project. This can seem like a cheap and dirty way to do things. However, the software originally used in S K Y P E originated as code for an early 2000’s peer to peer file sharing platform called Kazaa.

If you can find an app or piece of software similar to what you need, you can then potentially save on costs by having someone modify it to your requirements. All you would need to do in this case, is make sure software has an opensource license.

Sadly, that is about the sum total of any practical advice I can give. Maybe, though, consider creating a new thread called something like “Calling All Coders.” - Not to ask for help with your project, but to advise you on how to find the best seller for what you need. It may be that it would get limited if any responses, as coding isn’t a big topic of discussion usually, however. it is always worth a try.