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Seller, first time posting buyer request



So I posted (or think I did) a buyer request. On the “Manage Requests” page I see my request on the “pending” tab, shouldn’t it be on the “active” tab?
I’m just trying to make sure sellers can view my request and I’ll get offers.



It may take up to 24 hours until the request is approved.


You are telling me requests go through an approval process even though like 20% of the offers are sellers advertising on the “Buyer Requests”.

Well at least now I know what’s going on… Thanks :slight_smile:


Exactly. I was going to mention that in my original comment however I’m guessing it’s an automated approval process hence the reason why many seller’s posts are approved.

Note that Fiverr removes them as soon as they can.


They should hire me to immediately remove any advertising there… I’ll only charge $5 :wink:


They’ll run out of funds if they pay you $5.00 for every removal :wink: