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Seller fragglesrock be 7*125USD!

Myfiverr account is:fragglesrock

I bought godaddy domains from fragglesrock for about 200 domains.This man registered the domains in illegitimate way,when he pushed the domains to my account,After 1 day all domains are deleted by godaddy.

Then there are no any Reasonable explanation and solutions from this seller.And he refuse to refund my money!

I just go to fiverr support,now 2 days passed,there is no news from them,I don’t understand why?

Someboy who can help me?

Thank you !

Sheriff’s note: it’s not allowed to call out other users.

Why there is no responsible from Fiverr support?

Can i go to paypal for dispute of these orders?

Please help me,Thank you!!!

First of all: here on forum we are regular users just like you, so we can’t help you in any way.

You must open a ticket with Customer Support and wait for their answer (could take several days).

Don’t open a Paypal dispute or your account will be banned!

Hi,thank you for your suggestion.

I have opened a ticket 3 days before,but there is no reply from fiverr until now!

How long they will reply the tickets normally?

Reply to @heatongg: nobody can tell you for sure, but someone suggest approx 72h… but some other is waiting from one week…

mark74 said: some other is waiting from one week.

Now why do you suppose that is the case? Could it be that they are all in a state of chaos?

Reply to @kjblynx: Sorry, I didn’t mean to point fingers at the CS team specifically. Many of the issues facing them are a result of the overall failures and issues brought on by the unstable and incomplete Fiverr infrastructure. Not to mention the Fiverr policies that violate their own TOS and are the subject of other Threads.