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Seller fragglesrock is cheating!

all buyers please be aware that the seller fragglesrock is cheating because she askes for a 5-star-review before delivery the work, and in case you want to wait the delivery of the work she will cancel the gig. For Fiveer Organization please check my order with her to see what happen.


Sheriff’s note: calling out names is not allowed in this forum.
If you want to report this seller for TOS violations, please contact Customer Support.

Reply to @theratypist: Since they have a ticket number, they probably have contacted Customer Support and are just impatient. :wink:

Fiverr organization please check this order #FO861AE99475 and kick her out of
Fiverr because is just a wast of time.

You have fiverr support, contact them and they will help you. Find better seller :slight_smile:

Go here --> Customer Support . they will help you!

Reply to @pier1971: Perhaps you should read the rules