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Seller Fragglesrock marked my project as complete when it wasnt completed. what do i do?


My order was marked as completed when it wasnt delivered with the agreed upon terms.

How do i open a problem ticket with Fiverr to resolve the issue.

I want the work to be finished or get a refund for the incomplete work.



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On the page where the seller marked the gig as complete, there should be two “tabs” near the top. The first one is “activity” and the second is “resolution center”.

Click on the “resolution center” tab. That should reveal a picture of a cute little robot guy and either a link to Customer Support or a window in which you can type a message to support.

(The exact appearance seems to change every time I check it, and seems to be connected to what stage you’re at in a project.)


Hi @smahajan, thanks for reaching out to us here on the Forum. It’s completely reasonable for you to be upset - it sounds like this Seller is in violation of our Terms of Service here on Fiverr.

I agree with @catsquirrel - one way to escalate the situation is to file a report with Customer Support. It might also be worthwhile to contact the Seller directly to either a) request a cancellation and refund or b) to request that he/she actually deliver the work that was supposed to be delivered.

I’d also recommend taking some screenshots of the order screen, in case Customer Support needs any kind of documentation about the “empty” delivery that this Seller sent you.

Hope this helps. Let us know what happens!