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Seller Gave Me Link Report From Someone Else Dated 2 Years Ago

I can’t find help or customer service and what makes me mad is fiver’s poor buyer protection. This seller thinks he made a quick buck and got one over on me, I want something done!!! I’ve read everything. Fiverr just has poor buyer protection. This guy sent me an order I placed with links that had nothing to do with my website, it was someones from 2 years ago. I hit “REJECT” and now he isn’t answering, responding to me or fixing the work. It has been over a week since he was suppose to do the job. It is a simple scam and there seems like nothing I can do about it. I looked for the customer service page for buyers and it claims there’s an option on the shopping cart tab next to the order # you’ve placed in a little drop down. How wrong can fiverr be? I haven’t even been able to get in contact with fiverr at all.

You can reach Customer Support by using the FiverrTron form, which you can find through the actual orderpage, or write an email to, if the orderpage option does not work for you.

And, if you write the words Customer Support here in a message, you get a direct link to … Customer Support!