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Seller gets 10 days to deliver order, Not Delivered, Will you wait further?

Seller gets 10 days to deliver the order, but failed to deliver on Due Date.

On Inquiry the Seller Replies only “wait”, not sure for how long.

If you are a buyer, Will you be courteous and still wait for next the 24 hours Deadline ?

Will it end up " Taken for a Ride Situation" ?

No idea - can’t see into the future etc.

You picked the seller - what are their feedbacks like, what’s their communication like etc.?

If you’re not happy with these, then use the resolution centre to ask for a cancellation.

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Is this an hypothetical question or an actual one?

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Actual One,

The seller is having a 4.8 star (38 reviews), except the last one posted 6 days ago with a 3 star rating, shows some indication of a similar situation where another Buyer had to wait 2 weeks and been let down.

The seller should request an extension in the proper way, or at least provide some explanation.
“Wait” is a bit too little.

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Even I thought so that “wait” was a bit too little, Did not want to be too nosy and disturb the seller further, just in case the seller was busy trying to finish the work on a basis.

Will keep updated.

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The ratings all looked good and the seller was skilled at what was required. Except for a new review that popped up after I made the custom order, as mentioned above.

I don’t want to be too hard on the Seller by cancelling the order. Wanted to know if other users here shared the same opinion.