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Seller gets refund for ebook? Is this the normal on Fiverr?

After the seller is paid EXTRA to buy the book. After they leave a review. After feedback is left for them. THEN they refund the ebook back to Amazon. Is that the normal policy for sellers? I am new to this site and before I continue spending money here, I would like to have this concern addressed.

Thanks to anyone who can clarify this for me.

No, it’s not. It doesn’t sound like you were treated fairly. Did you ask the seller about it?

It does happen… and this is the voice of experience…!

I ordered 4 total from 4 different people. I can’t pinpoint it to which one. But, I’m sure they have or will read this.

Live and learn, I guess. But, to be honest, it makes me skeptical about leaving feedback for anyone else in the future. Or at least waiting a week.


Reply to @avidreader22: If someone left a review for you, you can ask them which account name the review was left under. This is standard practice in ensuring the seller actually left feedback. Can you tell who the sale was returned from? When I sell on Amazon, I can track each sale completely. :slight_smile:

@avidreader22 - If you paid extra for them to buy the book, then it’s highly unethical for the seller to get an Amazon refund after the work is done, then pocket the extra money. I offer this gig myself and would never think of doing such a thing. So no, it’s not (or shouldn’t be) normal policy for sellers to do this.


All of the reviews are still on Amazon at this moment. I’m worried that they may get removed because of the refunds. If that happens, then I’ll know which two got refunds.

I was asking because of the four I got from here, two had been refunded on Amazon. That’s why I asked if it was normal. (50% made me believe it is)

I’ll just have to be MUCH MORE cautious when dealing on here. I have more business for others in other areas, but I will wait to see how this plays out.

Thanks for all of your input.


"After the seller is paid EXTRA to buy the book. After they leave a review. After feedback is left for them. "

Your original statement makes not logical sense ( the SELLER is paid extra to BUY? … or to SELL? ) so I am thinking maybe you intercommunicated something here or in your transaction. Alternatively, you are involved in some type of Amazon Reviews fraud and those who left the feedback may be known fraudulent posters?