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Seller gone without giving ratings

Hello Everyone
I have a total of 15 Orders
but a week ago 2 Buyer Except the Delivery and complete the order
and gone, and one of them is my third-time buyer.
So I msg both as a soft reminder for Review my service
but they, not Showing online it shows " Last seen1 week ago"
so what should I do now
and if they come back after 15-20 days then can they write a review on my GIG ?


It’s best not to message asking for a review. There’s a chance a warning could be given.
They have 10 days to review after the order is marked as complete, if they decide to leave one, but they don’t have to leave one.


first of all your are breaking fiverr TOS by talking to your customers about reviews:)
and you can get a red flag for that so dont do it again .
Customers leave reviews only if they want


You have entitlement issues.

No one owes you a review and you should never pressure someone to give you one. It’s in the ToS that this is not allowed. Evidently you haven’t read it or understand why it’s morally wrong and unprofessional.

What is the point of this post? Do you think we’re going to help you pressure buyers into giving reviews?

No buyer owes you anything. That’s absurd and entitled.


I just want to know that how much time they have to write review
and normally how much percentage buyer don’t write reviews ?

So i can get idea about that

Though it’s not clearly written in the TOS that asking for a review isn’t allowed.

There’s the feedback page where there’s more about it (though it doesn’t say that’s a policy page):

but even there it only says things like asking for a positive review is against the rules, not that just asking for a review is, even though to do that might get the seller a warning.


Obviously you’re thinking you can do something to get a review. That’s literally what you asked for. If you had ethics you would know that there isn’t.

And if you look it up you’ll see how many days a buyer has to leave a review. Why not look it up yourself?

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You say that nowhere is specified you couldnt ask for a review? Go ahead keep asking for reviews and you will see boom 1 warning with 3 warnings your account is suspended forever

okay got it
That’s totally right


Sir / Mam

I’m sorry about that
but please be cool
I’m new here so just want some suggestions from Experienced Sellers

Do not send messages to buyers asking for reviews, Fiverr already sends them reminders and you might end up upsetting them if you insist.

Reviews aren’t mandatory, buyers can decide whether to leave it or not and it doesn’t mean they didn’t like your work. I have a few returning buyers that sometimes don’t leave me reviews, but then come back again with new orders because they like my work. Some people just don’t feel like wasting time coming up with a review or they might have other reasons, or they just forget.

Keep up your good work and more reviews will come, don’t worry.


Don’t call people sir or ma’am here.

You don’t need an experienced seller to teach you basic ethics and professionalism.

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Why would you ever say that to anyone? Ridiculous. Calling someone Sir or mam is already bad, but saying “sir/mam” is just downright stupid, specially when it’s clear you are talking to a woman, she has a profile pic ffs.

“Hi there, human/horse”. Lmao. If you insist on calling people that, pick one. If you don’t know which to pick, that’s a clear sign you should pick neither.


As I read what @pratikjethva had written I immediately went “ouch” in my mind.

Sorry to say, but I think you forgot taking into account another option…

You can also get to be called “… whatever you are…”. :joy:

Only here you get to read such things… :sweat_smile:

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Ugh! Hassling and harassing Buyers to leave reviews/feedback could earn you a warning. Buyers are not obligated to leave reviews. Buyers can leave feedback at their own discretion. Who are you to dictate what they should do? And so what they are not online? Their life doesn’t revolve around You or any other Fiverr Seller.


I’m gonna call all my buyers homo sapiens from now on, but even then I’m not so sure. Quite a few of them seem to be a few notches to the left on the evolutionary chart.

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If you work perfect seller will give you rating.

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Not true. This is the nth time I’ve seen you giving bad advice on the forums. It doesn’t work like that. Some buyers love the work and don’t leave a review. Some buyers think the work is “meh” and leave a 5 star review just to be nice. Some buyers with apparently fat fingers say they loved everything and leave a 4 star review. Etc.

…and of course the OP ignored all the people who know what they’re talking about and hearted your bogus advice. So typical.


I think they were trying to be respectful because sometimes people don’t identify with the sex they were born with. Or at least I hope this was the reason and not that he was trying to be rude😬

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