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Seller gone without giving ratings

…keep asking you to pray for them, and see that as normal. Annoying.

It takes them time to learn.

That is a problem, yes. And their attempted tricks harm Fiverr’s reputation, making things more difficult for everyone.

Well that’s my issue. They’re not trying.

When we explain it to them they express that they had no idea. They’ve never researched. It’s a totally new concept.

Don’t forget that many of them have never been on a forum, nor have they ever encountered a different culture before. Plus everything is in a language they don’t speak very well (even if their English teacher told them that their English was really good, and they were writing for the school paper).

They’ve just heard that they could earn money here instead of earning nothing and not being able to help their families, and then literally everything is different from everything they’re familiar with.

This whole thing (Fiverr, forum, everything) wasn’t a cultural shock for you or me, but was for some of them.


Finally, they both give 5 Star and one gives a Tip

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