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Seller got login details and ruined the website!

I had a small issue with the website and contacted a seller. He asked the login details of my wordpress site to check if the issue was resolvable. He completely ruined the site and then stopped all communication. He did not revert back the site to its original condition.

How do I deal with this situation?


I am sorry you had this problem.
It is against the forum rules to mention the name of the seller and their link, please remove that.
As for your problem, I suggest you to re contact your seller (if they haven’t blocked you yet) and tell them that you will report them if they don’t fix what they ruined. Then if that did not do any good, contact Fiverr CS, provide screen shots of your conversation with the seller, prove that he accessed your website and ruined it.

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You should remove the username of the seller (and the address of his Gig) from your post because this is against the Forum rules.

You should ask for a revision, how long has the “silence” of the seller going on?
And what is the damage?

Sorry for posting the seller’s name. I wasn’t aware that this is against forum rules. I am unable to communicate with him now. It says " [seller name] is not accepting messages at this time."

Please let me know what to do.

It seems that they blocked you.
Was there an order to begin with? or did you give the seller the login details to check before proceeding to the order?

I am unable to communicate with him. Seems he has blocked me. It says “not accepting messages at this time”.

No order… It was a minor issue… and he had multiple versions of the gig so I gave the access to check if it was possible. Prior to this I did the same with another seller and he checked and confirmed that he cannot resolve the issue without making any changes to the site.

Well, I guess you can only report the seller for ruining your website (but you should prove it, by providing screenshots).
Reach CS from this link.

And for solving your problem, I guess you have no choice but to hire another seller.

Good luck.

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I guess so… but now I have to pay more to solve the issue as well as rectify what he did!! How will I prove it? The only proof is our chat… and he blocked me when I asked to revert back to the original site without giving me a response

You should at least know what he did. Again: ruined in what sense? What is the problem that you are facing now?

These confused me.
Does that mean that you paid another seller to do the things, and talked to this one to edit these minor issues?
Or was your order with this specific seller completed earlier, and you came back for this minor issue then it got ruined?

Either way, your inbox messages with the seller is your proof I guess.

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He made changes to the design… the issue was with the menu… now the menu design is changed… and the footer has a lot of links…

The order was completed. And there was this minor issue with the menu. I contacted this seller to check if he can rectify it and then I would purchase his gig after his confirmation.

Also which category should I post my complaint to? The link you send has a lot of categories… should it be under Violation of terms and conditions? or something else? Thanks in advance

Order Issues,
Then copy the order’s number (without the hashtag).
Keep us posted.

Good luck.

The reason I mean that I have to pay more is - earlier it was a minor issue… now I have to pay to get this issue fixed + pay to make the design changes back to the original design if I go with a different designer. Sorry to create the confusion.

But as I mentioned… I did not order the gig… I gave him to verify it first if its possible to solve it. So the order’s copy isn’t available.

You said the order was completed, is that order with this seller?
If yes, then the minor issue is related to that original order, and you should copy it’s number.

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The order was with a different seller and he completed it long back… after making changes to the site from clients end (almost after a month) this minor issue arose. So I contacted this seller (who ruined the site) to check and see if he could solve this issue.

If I copy the order number of the seller who finished the site (as I mentioned it was done long back) this he will be in trouble for no reason.

Now the picture is clearer :slightly_smiling_face:
Of course do not copy that order number.
Well, I guess you can select Account Issues, then select General.
Take screen shots of the chat with this current seller, provide it to CS.
Hopefully they will help you.

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Great… thanks a lot!! And sorry for the trouble