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Seller has 5 star rating , level 1 seller ...but look at the response to my query... Seriously?

Hi there, is it possible for you to write me a blog post on the effect long term stress and anxiety can have on the body.

Doesn’t have to be too academic, easy for the critical mass to understand.

I would prefer the writing to be anglesised, aiming at predominantly UK audience

Thanks for your time


RESPONSE - fragglesrock

yes offcourse …how much will pay for this…?

10:12 JUNE 25, 2015

Sheriff’s Note: As stated under the Forum Do’s and Dont’s, directly calling out a user by their username is not allowed. This has been removed from your post

It’s possible that their buyers who left 5 star ratings were also not fluent in English or that any bad rating the seller refunded them to keep their rating high.

Does the seller come from an English-speaking country? UK, US or Australia, etc?

I suppose the right thing to do with that is contact a few writers and note how they respond to your request - this one for example I would just move on from it.

I don’t usually promote myself on here (don’t like to push sales that way!) but I have quite a bit of experience in anxiety and stress and what it can do to the body and I’m from the UK - check out my writing gig if you haven’t found another writer to provide you with what you’re looking for.

There are review exchange forums too where users sign up and agree to swap ratings. I’m not saying everyone does this, but unfortunately you can’t always take newbie ratings as gospel. It’s always best to message the writer a couple of times, and even ask for real-life samples.

Sounds like you had a lucky escape.