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Seller has cancelled my order but not refunded me?

Got a badly written email saying he has now got a big project and can’t fulfill my order - no apology and no refund - is this normal? Obviously I have opened up a despite, but seriously why is Fiverr so sketchy??? I used it one time and the same thing happened again… and it took ages to get my money back… sigh.

It should take 2-3 days until you get refunded, that’s if the buyer doesn’t accept the request, it will eventually automatically cancel. If the buyer cancels the order right away you should get the money in a few minutes. You should always buy from sellers that have a good track record. If the user doesn’t want to accept the cancellation you should open a ticket.

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What Kind of Order?,…

An order for service he advertised - why do you ask?

Thanks for that, it seems odd that the buyer has to cancel the order when the Seller cant fulfill his obligations but I will try that - thanks so much for replying!

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