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Seller has cancelled TWICE & no way to leave neg feedback?

This seller:
Give 4000 usa twitter followers
Seller: ************** Order: #**************February 17, 2016

I ordered this once and they cancelled,
I messaged them asking what was up, and they said:
Sorry please resubmit
which I did,
then they cancelled the 2nd order.

  1. Why is this allowed
  2. How can I force seller to remove the gig if they don’t intend on offering
  3. How can I leave feedback?
    I only see the ability to leave feedback on completed orders, not on cancelled ones
    no way to warn other Buyers that this seller should not be on Fiverr.
    I have bought a lot on Fiverr and this is a first, with a repeat canceller???!!?


I’m not understanding why you are so mad. It doesn’t sound like a big deal to me.

Not sure why they canceled two times. Offering that many twitter followers for $5 seems fishy. The only thing that you can do is message customer service ticket and let them know. You are correct that there is no way to leave negative feedback for them if it is canceled or the job was not done at all. Hope you have a better experience next time.

I’d just move on, sorry that happened to you!

I was on a Facebook page recently where this one video had 1000+ likes but only 25 views or something like that. The video was a huge pile of cack for a “company” that provided college-level essay/diss work at the MA/PhD level in the UK from “top providers” [AKA Fiverr] while having a website written by people who couldn’t even string together a coherent sentence. Based in Canary Wharf. (Canary Wharf is a very expensive London business address–basically, banks and big biz–not two-bit scammers from India, which is what this company was. Not that it mattered, their target audience was dumb, rich foreign students)

I don’t know why you’re moaning, really, social media hates fake followers and buyers, and these autobot services–which this one almost certainly was–is guaranteed to give you grief rather than success.

Report this idiot to Customer Support if you want, but stop also trying to kill your own business through cheating. You will be caught, and it will suck. If you have nothing valuable to offer without cheating, then I suggest you reformulate your business plan. And yes, that probably is rude. Don’t care.

There are always 2 sides of a story…we got yours…but not theirs.

Mere window dressing that obscures the view, old chap.


  1. Why is this allowed

Because this isn’t Yelp.

  1. How can I force seller to remove the gig if they don’t intend on offering

None of your business. You can report him to Fiverr, although I think you’re wasting time. Just hire someone else.

  1. How can I leave feedback?

You can’t, he cancelled before you could. Had he delivered the work, you would have been able to leave feedback or you could have cancelled yourself.

Frankly, I don’t see a victim here, you didn’t lose money, you have $10 to hire someone else. Why not do that?

Oh boy, your inbox was hilarious. I thought I’d share it. Since you asked so nicely, here are some dictionary definitions:

Was I being obscure? The OP is not likely to spoil his lovely window dressing that artfully shows him off at his best with something that makes his tale more believable. The old chap is me being British. You seem to have taken great offense at me simply telling you not to inbox me with something that isn’t a) work or b) interesting.

Don’t bother inboxing me again, as you are now irrelevant to my response rate so I will just ignore it. And ??? is not “asking me a question”. It’s punctuation.

You’ve been a lot ruder than I have, lol.


Let me tell you what spam is NOT. When you reply to someone on the forum, there is a contact link. If you don’t want a reply, don’t reply to their post on the forum. I’m sure the meaning of the questions marks is understood but I bow to your superiority. You could of been more polite in your initial message but instead you misused the word spam as an excuse to be rude, just like your sarcastic remark about punctuality

Spam covers unwanted and unsolicited emails. You were not inquiring about business, and badgering me to respond to ???. So, spam. Incidentally, I was away and or working today, hence my non-prompt response to you forum posting. I do apologise for not dropping it all to spoonfeed you.

I will remember to use “please” next time so I don’t come off as rude to spammers. Thanks for the great tip!

FYI, you should learn the difference between “punctuation” and “punctuality”. And also spam while you’re at it. Or even sarcasm. You can also take the chip off your shoulder–goes really well with spam.

When you reply to a message be it PM or Forum, it is not unsolicited so it is not spam. When you respond to a message, a reply, no matter on the forum or PM (see contact me link above) is solicited and the person can respond if they desire to do so.

Badgering – yea – lets add badgering to your exaggerated misrepresentation. I asked politely in my message and you responded rudely with your spam comment. It’s hopeless. You’ll continue to spin words to justify your rudeness.

There was no significance to when you responded…it was all about your rudeness. Maybe I’m wrong and somewhere it was written between the lines I demanded an immediate response. Let me know if there is anything else you want to exaggerate that I didn’t do or say.

Are you going to respond? There is a contact me link (when a little privacy and discretion is called for) or you can respond on the forum. Fiverr made both options available for responding to replies. Believe me, if you do, it would be a personally unsolicited reply. However, I won’t call it spam when you are replying to a message that was addressed to you – because – it isn’t.

Have you still not looked up the difference between punctuation and punctuality? I mean, just stop to consider why I might be making snarky comments about response times and look upthread a bit.

It was most definitely unsolicited spam, no matter what your hazy, confused idea of spam is. When an inbox is directly related to stupid metrics like response rates,it’s even less welcome. If anyone has questions, ask me on the forum, and do it with words, not punctuality. Sorry, I mean punctuation. I promise anyone who inboxes me over nothing much at all is going to get similar short shift. If you want to then screech about my rudeness and misrepresentation, go ahead–the entire conversation is present for others to judge. You can’t misrepresent that. You can, however, editorialize. It’s fun.

EDIT: nice edit! You’re digging your hole even further. Love the “are you going to respond?” it kicks off with. Mama mia…I apologize for my tardy, tardy response.

OK, I just want to address a misconception you seem to have. The Contact Me button is not there for discreet questions–especially the kind of question that you sent to me–it is there as a business tool. I can only speak for myself here, but it’s annoying when I get irrelevant questions not related to work in my inbox.

And it is completely irrelevant whether it is addressed to me or not. Spam is spam, no matter how much window dressing you put on it, old chap.

I realize I made a mistake using punctuality. I’m sure mistakes is something you don’t make. If you don’t want someone to respond, don’t comment on their messages. But we can go with your snarky responses and your definition of unsolicited messages – but do us a favor. If you don’t want someone to comment on your replies, don’t comment on theirs.

I don’t agree that “kind of question” isn’t appropriate. But i know one thing, inappropriate or not, rudeness is never appropriate but you are good at it.

Look. Don’t spam my inbox. Simple! You’re pretty good at being rude, too :smiley:

I didn’t spam. Maybe next time when someone doesn’t realize they infringed on your one sided definition of spam, try responding politely. Otherwise, If you don’t want someone to respond to your comments, don’t comment on theirs. Your initial response could of been politely written in as many words as you used to be rude. Try it next time and maybe you won’t get responses in kind.

If it’s in my inbox and I think it’s spam, it’s spam, and I will tell you not to do it. How should I politely say this? “verily sir, and prithee that thou mayst abandon thy comport? Forsooth, it maketh a great vexation in mine humours!”

Of course not. Sometimes, I even just type “go away”. I left you with an option to ask me on the forum…I mean, I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea I don’t want people commenting on my posts. I don’t want your crappy spam. I don’t want anybody’s crappy spam! This is not a controversial statement!

PS “could have”