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Seller has gone AWOL. What can I do?

Hi, new to Fiverr and unfortunately had a negative first experience. Seller contacted me hours before the deadline and asked for a 24hr extension, which I was fine with. She delivered 1/3 of the product and then did not respond to my follow up days later. I contacted customer support, waited over 48hrs with no response, then sent another follow-up and it has been over 48hrs once again. I contacted them via Facebook and messaged back and forth with someone who laughed at me (literally responded with ‘hahahaha’) and notified me that the seller had been flagged 3 times and therefore removed from the site. Basically, I am now out a considerable amount of money, customer support has not responded to me and I have 1/3 of the final delivered product.

Has this happened to others? Is there anything I can do? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Have you looked at the seller’s profile? You should be able to search for it by putting in but use the seller’s actual username. If the profile is gone, the seller might have been banned for unprofessional conduct. It’s also against the Terms of Service for buyer and seller to be in touch off-Fiverr, so both the seller’s account and yours can be in jeopardy over the Facebook contact. Even so, if the seller has been banned you will get a refund. Just check to see if the account is really gone first and if so, notify Customer Support about it. They will reverse your payment to your Fiverr balance and you can purchase from someone else.

I’m really sorry to know this.

I could try contacting Fiverr customer support, but I don’t believe you will get your money back.

Anyway, fiverr isn’t 100% safe against scammers (buyers and sellers). This is the risk of working with someone with sellers with no reviews.

Of course no reviewed sellers doesn’t mean they will do this, but it’s the risk.

I’m supposing he/she had no reviews, because reliable sellers with more reviews wouldn’t waste their reputation with this behavior

@fonthaunt @xuntes Thanks for the quick responses!

Her profile has 659 reviews - I believe she had a 4.8-star rating when I ordered from her. It’s weird because the profile does not come up in search anymore and if I try to message her through the app, it says ‘For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly’.

Just to reiterate again, I tried contacting Customer Support about a week ago and haven’t heard anything back.

This sounds like the user was banned. Search doesn’t mean much, but if you go directly to their page and you get a blue box that says the account isn’t found, that’s a banned user. The big question would be whether the order was marked complete before the user was banned. Normal steps after a time extension are like this:

1.) Seller either presses the deliver button or not:

  • If she did deliver, you would have received a message that they delivered. If you only got a partial order it was your responsibility to press the “request a modification” button and put the order back on the seller’s plate.
  • If she did not deliver and just sent you a partial delivery via the inbox, the order would have said LATE and started a countdown to cancellation

2.) Next:

  • If the order was delivered, you did not ask for a revision and the order was automatically marked as complete, there is not much you can do. Fiverr is unlikely to be able to help you.
  • If the order was delivered but you requested a revision and the seller’s account was banned before you received a delivery notice, the order will be canceled by Support and you’ll get your funds.
  • If the order was not delivered and the gig ran to LATE status, you should have the option to go to the Resolution Center and cancel the order and then you would still get your money back.

So, it really depends on what you did before the seller was banned. Did you cancel the order or request a revision? Was the order marked as complete even though the seller didn’t finish?

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I think he made our workplace unprofessional :neutral_face: If you need any help with finalizing your project just say We will. This is bad contact customer support hope they’ll able to do something for you

@fonthaunt I appreciate all of the information. The order was marked as complete even though the seller didn’t deliver the final product. After she sent 1 of the 3 deliverables I guess in good faith I accepted assuming the rest was on its way. Not sure if it’s completely necessary to mention but a lifetime of revisions (unlimited) was included with the purchase agreement. Regardless, it’s very easy to see that throughout our transaction I reached out about the remaining products, she delivered 1 file, etc.

wow, really weird indeed.

I don’t want to make it look a theory of conspiracy, but maybe this seller could be hacked. I don’t know.

OR, some times the original user may sold her account, or maybe could have bought those reviews (a lot of users do this, unfortunately).

Thanks and I appreciate it. Looks like I got burned pretty bad on my first transaction. The rep I was communicating with on FB Messenger said he would redo my resume but wanted me to pay the complete amount again. Sorry, but it’s tough to have faith in this network when I had the experience I did and when Support won’t respond to me.

I’m sorry to hear this. Unfortunately this is still the internet no matter how many great sellers are on Fiverr. It is just not safe to accept things on the internet based on good faith. If you had unlimited revisions you would have needed to use the request a revision button. Fiverr would be able to help you if the seller had failed or been banned while the order was under revision. Since the order was marked as complete, the contract was considered complete.

Support usually responds within 48 hours unless they’ve already given you as much information as they can. I can understand your concerns. If you decide to use another seller, just be sure to use the tools that are provided to protect yourself. It’s a global site and some sellers are inexperienced or get into some sort of trouble. If you decide not to use Fiverr, I would still advise the same caution on any site. I’ve made digital and physical purchases on sites like Ebay, Amazon Mturk and others and they all have risks.

I appreciate this @fonthaunt. I think I’m done with this site. The fact that Support hasn’t tried to contact me shows a complete lack of decency - I’m sure this is not the case across the board and Support has helped other users, but it’s not my experience. Also, if Fiverr bans a seller because of poor practices and they took a minute to review the case (see the messages, see what was expected in the contract and what was actually delivered) they would easily understand that the contract should be void. At very least they should flag the seller’s account that they are under review prior to others spending their money, or notify buyers when they are banning a seller and try to remedy the situation - good customer service. My other frustration is the unwillingness to even step up and offer some sort of promotion - a free or (at the very least) discounted next purchase.