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Seller has not done anything

Fiverr community,

I first want to start off by saying how much I love using Fiverr for almost everything that I need to be finished. It is truly an amazing platform for creators to sell their amazing talents. For my new project (Large server for Minecraft) I needed a custom developer to help code plugins and setup the server. I was excited to find out that there were people on Fiverr marketing their coding skills and were glad to help, or so I thought. On March 26th I purchased the 300$ package from “*********” to get a developer for one month to help code custom plugins and setup the server. In all honesty, so far it has been the worst service that I have ever bought in my life. The developer sends me a file that he got online as the delivery which I did not see and automatically was accepted by Fiverr after three days from him sending it. The developer that I am “working” with ********* is rarely ever on and rarely replies to my messages. He agreed to work 2-4 hours a day on the server prior to me buying the package and I would say from the day I bought the package to now he has probably worked a total of 2 hours on the server. No exaggeration. This in itself is a horrible thing that has happened but also for my server. I have other services that I have bought off of Fiverr that require simple dev things to be done and he does not know what he is doing. I truly believe he does not know how to even code. I talk to him about certain tasks that need to be in the server and the states then he can do them easily and then I do not hear from him for 5 days after that. I am sick and tired of this. Fiverr I am asking for your help to re-credit the 300$ payment (260$ after 20% off coupon) that I have made to him and let me buy another developer on your platform who can actually do what he says he can.

Thank you


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I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience.

Please note that on fiverr forum we are the same sellers and buyers who discuss fiverr work and platform.

Only fiverr CS will be able to help you.
You need to go to help page and open a ticket with “contact us” button

So how much did you pay in reality: 260$ or 300$? What amount was taken from your bank account?


I am sorry for your experience, but everyone on the Forum is a buyer or a seller and we cannot help you. It is best to do as @mariashtelle1 suggested and contact Customer Service.

Please remove the name of the seller as it is against Forum rules to name someone who is not here to defend themselves.