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Seller has not given what I paid for...what can I do?

Hello - I paid for an HD animation of my logo. I was given the file, but it was a different color than my original colors. I told the seller of this right after he sent it. First he said that it was the file that I sent. I told him that the file I sent had the correct colors, and the file he sent does not. He said he would do a revision, but first I had to leave him 5-stars in EACH category. I complied, because I thought I had to close the order, in order to move forward. Five days later, I received the EXACT same file. Again I said that the colors did not match. Again he told me it was what I sent. I took a screenshot of both files to show him the difference, and then says that he would do a ‘shade removal’ for another $20.00, and that would ‘restore to the original color’. This does not seem right to me…I was NOT told of a ‘shade removal’ beforehand. I think my original file should have been animated, w/the original colors, and that should have been that. What can I do? Thanks.

Customer Support. Sounds like seller’s drawing out the process so you can’t change your review, and now bait and switching you.

Thank you for your response. If that is the unfortunate case, can anything be done about this? Thanks.

Contact Customer Support right now, provide all the evidence (files, screenshots of conversations, etc) - most likely win.

Classic bait and switch tactic, they’re not allowed to do that, if you still have the conversation, take screen shots and send them to CS, they will sort this out. :slight_smile:

Good luck getting anywhere with CS, I ordered something months ago and when the order was late the seller sent me a fake file with a message saying they just needed to close out the late order and my design will be to me shortly. I filed complaint after complaint to fiverr CS and they never responded to me.
As long as fiverr gets their fee they could care less what happens to their customers.

complaint after complaint

Yeah, I can see what went wrong here–one complaint is adequate, more than that, presumably getting angrier and demanding attention (which is understandable), is just going to clog CS up and drop you down the list. It’s counter-intuitive.

Besides, you could have just played whack-a-mod-button/canceled prior to contacting CS. You know, so…popping up months later to moan about it seems like you just spotted a good opportunity to moan.