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Seller has problem paying - American Express

Hi everyone,

I just had a buyer attempt to place an order, but she said she was unable to because she couldn’t process an American Express payment. She said she thought I needed to change my account to accept AmEx payments, but I couldn’t see anything about payment methods in my settings. I had always thought that Fiverr worked exclusively with PayPal. Has anyone run into this before? Is there actually something I need to change, or is something going wrong on the buyer’s end? Thanks!

I don’t believe that Fiverr takes American Express, but I could be wrong.

You have one of two options:

  1. Tell the buyer to use Paypal. There is no problem with Paypal.
  2. Understand that the buyer could be a scam artist (but I am not sure about this).

    You are better off doing #1 and telling the buyer to use Paypal and to enter Amex there, since Paypal does take Amex and if I understand correctly, Fiverr does not.

    I hope this helps.

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Hi Bruce,

Thanks a lot. This buyer doesn’t have any of the usual scammer signs, but you can’t be too careful! If I can’t find anything else about AmEx, it looks like I will just have to recommend PayPal.



Hey Meghan,

That’s cool. I love using Paypal with Fiverr.


I am actually a buyer who is trying to pay with American Express right now, as it’s my preferred method of doing business as I track all of my business expenses through it. I keep my PayPal separate because I use it for personal shopping as well. So, what is the solution, here? It says that it takes visa, mc, amex, and discover when you go to checkout and purchase the orders.

She sounds very confused.

AmEx always is a problem for the buyers, but, tell him use his AmEx with paypal, with PP she shouldn’t have problem.