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Seller has stated he will destroy my Business

Fiverr what are you going to do about ******* I have a fully detailed audit trail that he has been paid a lot of money then has blackmailed me to ensure that he keeps my website live
I have refused so he has turned off my website, gone into my wordpress admin site and changed all the log ins andhas also gone and tried to take over my domain name

As he has turned off my emails you cannot get email me so my number is ********** UK

I can send your legal team a full audit trail of his threats etc to blackmail me

I look forward tohearing back as a matter of urgency as he as an advert on your site

Call your hosting provider and let them reset the administrator password etc. so you can have access to your website again. This would be the first step to do.

I am sorry to hear about your experience. You can contact customer support for assistance and submit a ticket. Make sure to include screen shots of the conversation. They will review the issue with the seller.
Keep in mind noone here in the forum can help you and calling out usernames is against forum rules. Best of luck with everything.

This is a terrible situation, I don’t know how you got into this mess, you need expert advice on this. Talking to customer support is the first thing to do, but you will need to consult other cyber experts as well. I feel ashamed (from reading another post of yours) that this person is from my country, India.

Was the seller doing the hosting or was there another hosting service?

Was the seller supposed to be paid every month to keep the site live like a regular hosting site?

Any hosting provider who has a contract to get paid each month will kill your site if you don’t pay the monthly fee. Since you did not give details I am only guessing this is what happened.

Fiverr won’t send you emails but they can send your fiverr inbox messages.

All of this depends on what the original agreement was. You are talking as if you think we are fiverr administration and we are just users of fiverr like you are.

Contact fiverr customer support and tell this to them.

He mentioned that his e-mail is also hi-jacked by the seller, so he ventilates his problem via the forum.

Fiverr won’t do shit if a seller or buyer pledges to destroy your business.

A buyer of mine done that to me (Away from this website when he realised I was competition), costing me my offline business and my health.

He got promoted to Top Rated Seller, and I was demoted shortly after for threatening legal action against him.

So y’know.

Oh my gosh what a terrible situation!

Yeah what does this have to do with Fiverr? :confused:

It’s time to stamp all over the cancer of incompetent sellers who resort to this shit behavior for the sake of some money.

And Ryan, you should have put your prices up.